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Three 25 minute writing sessions, 7th FLOOR HALL BUILDING (metro Guy-Concordia)
NB Due to the renovations on the 7th floor, here's how to find us: from the elevators, turn left then turn right and pass the escalators; then follow the indications for the People's Potato KITCHEN (not line-up). We usually sit by the "Solidarity Art" corner. Also note that there are no washrooms on the 7th floor while the construction is underway so you must go to another floor or hold it until the fall of 2019, once construction is done. * This meeting uses the Pomodoro method, which is a fancy way of saying that we set a 25-minute timer and have a short (~5 minute) break between sets. It will also allow people to join and leave more easily between sessions. SUGGESTED DONATION: $2 (to help pay for the website fees and for the time organizing and running the group). PLEASE GIVE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE KIND, POSSIBLY GENTLE, EVENT HOST! We will meet on the 7th floor of the Hall Building at the downtown Concordia campus. Text if you need to. Jacqueline's cell is:[masked]. If you're late, you'll have to wait till a break in the writing for her to reply. She doesn't reply while writing. Ambient noise warning: if you are sensitive to sounds, consider bringing earplugs or try the sessions at the library or elsewhere. (We cannot control the background chatter.) * RESPECT THE RSVP: If you arrive late, please join in without disturbing people writing. We can say hello during one of the breaks. NB. You can now only RSVP within 5 days of the meeting. * Please don't disturb the timed writing session BUT you are welcome to come or go BETWEEN the writing sessions. The SCHEDULE is roughly as follows: 17:45-18h: We arrive, say hello, make introductions and chat. 18h-19:30: We write in silence for 25 minute increments with short breaks of about 5 minutes (in the language of your choice with pen & paper or laptop, tablet etc.). As best as reasonable, the writing sessions start at 18h, 18h30, 19h and run for 25 minutes each. * Discussions about the group, format and suggestions, can be made here: Anybody who is interested in joining and respecting the above is more than welcome. Please spread the word! ===================================================== ABOUT THE ORGANIZER: I am a poet-essayist, working on a novel. To pay the bills, I work as a freelance editor and translator. For over 15 years, I've worked as a writing coach for literary and academic projects. My focus is in helping people express nuanced ideas clearly. Over the years, I have helped many people finish their books, articles, and academic theses. I also work with people to write conference abstracts and grant proposals. Please keep me in mind if you need commercial proofreading, copy writing, or copy editing services for any of the above, or for websites, or other promotional materials. As a native English speaker, I translate from French, Spanish, or German to standard North American English. If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me by phone [masked]) or email. You can also reach me by way of my Facebook page:

Concordia University. Hall Building 7th floor

1455 De Maisonneuve O · Montreal , QC

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(Version française en bas.)

The three most effective ways to advance your writing are to: 1) make time for it; 2) write to deadline; 3) share it with a "jury of your peers" and get feedback on it.

Our writing meetings address #1. They usually use the Pomodoro method, which is a fancy way of saying that we set a 25-minute timer and have a short (approximately 5 minute) break between sets. This format allows people to join and leave between sessions. If you come late, please join us without disturbing the writing.

Our sharing and feedback meetings roll #2 & #3 in one: because you know you will share it, you tend to give your writing a last polish. It is exhilarating to share your writing with others. We always seem to have great discussions.

We also have twofer (i.e "two-for-one") meetings that combine #1, writing, with #2, sharing, and #3, feedback, sessions. There are few variations of these meetings. Please read the descriptions carefully.

We want to create community and we welcome people who are serious about writing and are looking for the companionship of other writers. All languages and genres of writing are welcome. You are welcome to come regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you are. Members write with the tools that best serve them, pen and paper, laptop or tablet. (If you write on a laptop, consider bringing an extension cord or a power bar so you and others can share the power outlets in the room.)

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Tais-toi et écris, Montréal! est un groupe d'écrivains pour les écrivains pour qu’ils puissent s'asseoir et écrire en silence.

Durant cette période, nous nous motivons pour écrire sur ​​une base régulière. L'écriture peut être une pratique très isolante et, comme toutes autres activités, avoir l'énergie d'un groupe et un temps fixe au calendrier peut aider à accomplir votre objectif d'écrire régulièrement. Nous voulons créer une communauté et nous accueillons des gens qui sont sérieux au sujet de l'écriture et sont à la recherche de la compagnie d'autres écrivains. Toutes les langues et les genres d'écriture sont les bienvenus.

La raison d’être du groupe est d'écrire et non pour critiquer. Cela peut se faire dans un autre groupe.

Donc, si vous passez trop de temps à essayer de trouver le temps d'écrire ou de procrastiner sur l'écriture, venez nous rejoindre. Personne ne verra ce que vous avez écrit ou vous donnera des conseils non sollicités.

Autres détails:

Si vous arrivez en retard, s'il vous plaît entrer en silence et ne déranger personne. Trouver un endroit pour vous asseoir et commencer à écrire.

Si vous écrivez sur un ordinateur portable, envisager d’apporter une rallonge ou une barre d'alimentation afin que vous et d'autres puissiez partager les prises de courant dans la salle.

Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez également «aimer» ma page Facebook, où j’annonce des informations sur toutes mes activités, y compris pour les rencontres d'écriture:

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I am an essayist-poet, working on a novel; I work as a freelance editor and translator for creative literary texts.

For over ten years, I have also provided academic writing assistance to students, postdocs, and professors. As a native English speaker and multilingual translator, I specialize in enabling talented academics to express complex ideas clearly. My graduate degree is in Linguistics.

I offer proofreading, editing and writing support for all academic texts, including grants and conference applications. I have experience in fields such as: engineering, sociology, psychology, law, history, economics, physiology, medicine, philosophy, literature, and linguistics.

I also offer commercial proofreading, copy writing, and copy editing services for websites and promotional material.

Please contact me by phone (514 845-7387, voice only) or email (

If you are interested in samples of what I write, I tweet at or you can like my FB page where they are reposted: (

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