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Are you shy or introverted? Do you have any mental health issues (anxiety, depression, OCD, etc) that make it difficult to connect with other people? Are you coming to the realization that it’s near-impossible to make new friends as an adult? Are you new to the area and uncomfortable venturing out with strangers? Are you tired of me asking these rhetorical questions and just want me to get to the point?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this group is for you! We aim to create a genuinely welcoming atmosphere for anyone that tends to feel socially uncomfortable around others.

Why is our group different? You will always have someone to talk to and engage with. Think of some other public get-togethers you've been to. Everyone arrives with their circle of friends and they aren't interested in reaching out to anybody new. Our group, on the other hand, is not this kind of cliche. We applaud that you're making yourself a little vulnerable and want to show you that it does pay off!

This group organizes meetups that not only provide an opportunity to meet like-minded people, but also encourages you to “get into your life” through exploration of new places, activities, and events in the Cleveland area. Don’t let your social phobias stop you from living an exciting and fulfilling life!

Personal note from Justin: A few months ago I underwent deep brain stimulation surgery for treatment resistant OCD. It has been helping and hopefully will continue to do so. That is partially why I feel able to give this group another shot =) I recently met up with another group member, Mike, and he was nice enough to help me revitalize the group for 2018. Both of us look forward to meeting all of you in the upcoming year!

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Flights & Frights: Paranormal Meetup & Chat

Needs a location

Flights & Frights is bringing another live event to Saucy Brew Works, Thursday, June 30th at 7 pm.

Bring a spooky, weird, or paranormal story to share!

This is a free event and just a fun way to get together, hang out, and support local.

From Bigfoot, to aliens and ghosts, we will discuss anything out of the norm.

Please let us know you’re coming in advance so we can get a head count.

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