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We’ll be discussing where we're at with our side projects, if we achieved our personal goals that we set 4 weeks prior, and set new 4 week goals. If you're new, tell us about your side projects and how far along you'd like to be in 4 weeks! If your side project has a visual aspect to it, you can OPTIONALLY show it off to everyone (either hold it up if it's not digital or use the projector). This will have a soft limit of a minute per person so the meeting portion doesn't take too long and we can get to work time. Please bring a side project and be prepared to work on it after the meeting.

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7205 Dodge St · Omaha, NE

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Side Projects Club is a meetup for the purpose of working on your side projects with group accountability in place. We all have side projects. We get work done at our job, but we procrastinate on our passions. Why do we put off things that we care so much about? We need accountability, and that's what Side Projects Club is for. We get more done together than we do lounging around at home.

Are you an artist? Designer? Developer? Writer? Knitter?? Do you have multiple interests like most human beings? Do you have a hobby/project that you can work on quietly without disturbing others? If so, Side Projects Club is for you! The intent of Side Projects Club is to be hobby agnostic, so anything you want to work on is awesome.

Please check out the FAQ ( for more details about what Side Projects Club is. And if your question isn't answered there, shoot me an email at .

Also, I haven't had problems with this yet because you are all so great, but I just want to establish that everyone be nice to each other! There is a short Code of Conduct ( which basically boils down to don't be a jerk.

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