Artificial Intelligence & the Creative State of Mind

Siemens AI Meetups Munich
Siemens AI Meetups Munich
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Creativity is a fundamental aspect of human intelligence and an interesting challenge for AI. Are Machine Learning and AI technologies capable of Creativity?
New artificial intelligence systems are using techniques such as generative adversarial networks to develop creativity and originality by more fluidly mixing and matching real-world representations.
Yet current AI systems have demonstrated a growing aptitude for creativity, whether (re-)writing a heavy-metal rock album or (re-) producing an original portrait that is strikingly reminiscent of a Rembrandt.

Join us and discuss with us the impact and challenges of Deep Learning & AI technologies and the aspect of Computational Creativity.

Welcome to MeetUp AI & Creative State of Mind (Siemens AI Lab & Machine Intelligence Group)

Gene Kogan (genekogan): "Machine learned creativity"

Alexander Waldmann (appliedAi): "Where's the ghost in the Machine"

Grab some Pizza & Beer

Appu Shaji (mobius): "Personalized Aesthetics: Recording the Visual Mind using Machine Learning"

Tarek Besold (City, University of London): "Computational Creativity"

Expert Round Table: "Can Artificial Intelligence Be Creative? "

Food, Drinks & Social

IMPORTANT: Since the event is taking place at Siemens AG, every external visitor has to get an visitor pass. That may lead to a longer entry process! So please come early to make to process as easy as possible. Thank you!

External guests: please register at Siemens main entrance “Otto-Hahn-Ring 6” at 16:15!

See you there!

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