Exercise Guide: Draper Houston Meadows Preserve

Sierra Club Huron Valley Group
Sierra Club Huron Valley Group
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Draper-Houston Meadows Preserve

578 Mooreville Rd · Milan, MI

How to find us

The parking lot in on Mooreville Rd (Main St. in Milan), just east of Platt Rd

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This is NOT an in-person event. Sierra Club group outings are currently suspended indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These Exercise Guides are intended to assist and encourage exploration of parks and natural areas in the Huron Valley Group region. Please enjoy them on your own or, using appropriate social distancing and masks, with others.

Hike along the Saline River, in meadows, and through some small woodlots. Hepatica are in bloom, trout lilies are up and will be blooming in a week or two. There are some impressive sycamore, oaks, and elms to see in the woodlots. Wood frogs and others are noisy in the vernal ponds.

At present, wear either waterproof boots or accept wet feet. Parts of the trail are flooded a few inches deep. Remember, Sierra Club policy is to walk through the water and mud, rather than around it - do your part to not promote erosion. Water is particularly an issue along the southeast parts of the trail along the Saline River.

The map below, when viewed full size will print at 8.5 x 11. It indicates where the signposts are and the current trail layout, although it doesn't label the trails by color.
Note: the "red" trail on the map below, north of the Saline River, coming off Platt Rd. is unverified.

Warning: the County's PDF map of the trails (https://www.washtenaw.org/DocumentCenter/View/1292) is outdated. The trail colors on the map *do not match the signposts*. It also shows some trails that no longer exist and omits some that do exist.
The County's interactive map (https://gisappsecure.ewashtenaw.org/public/ParkFinder/) shows correct trail configurations and colors. At provided link, search for "Draper-Houston" in the search box (upper left), click the name when it shows up. The map will center on Draper Houston, but it will be shaded brown; click the 'X' on the search box and the brown overlay disappears, leaving a printable map.

NOTE: as a Washtenaw County Preserve, dogs are *not* allowed in Draper-Houston.