Nature in Michigan - Photo tours of SE Michigan parks and nature areas

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Sierra Club Huron Valley Group
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A chronological listing of older hikes:

As part of our ongoing efforts to help you connect with nature during the new coronavirus and Covid19 pandemic, we present an ongoing series of photo-tours of parks and natural areas in SE Michigan.

Below we have listed a number of photo-tours of spring arriving at various parks and natural areas in SE Michigan. We hope you enjoy them, whether or not you are able to get out to any of the parks represented, or any other park.

Many of them have "Mystery Plants" or "Mystery Trees" - plants or trees that are not identified. This will be indicated in the picture's caption, at the bottom of the screen. If you want to contribute identifications, all the better. [See below for some instructions on using some of the features of the photo galleries, including how to zoom on pictures, see camera-settings, and so on.]

This Event Page is a way for you to sign up to be notified whenever a new photo tour is posted. If you RSVP to "attend" this outing, every time a new photo tour is posted, you will receive an e-mail telling you about the posting. You will only receive these e-mails if you RSVP to attend this event *and* have your Meetup account set to notify you about comments in your upcoming Events.

Make sure you look through the Comments section - many of the photo tours are linked there and all future additions will be added via "Comments".

If you have or want to create photo tours of hikes you'd like to share, contact John via messaging on here. If you have photos from any of the parks for which we have posted Exercise Guides, please RSVP to the Exercise Guide and post some photos on those "events" as well.

Instructions for viewing pictures on Smugmug:
To view photo tour, simply click the link below. It should open a new tab on your browser, showing the gallery. Click the first picture and it will enlarge to nearly fill your screen.
On the far right of the screen, on the horizontal centerline, is a right-arrow; click it to move to the next picture. A similar arrow is on the far left, to move to the previous picture.
Along the upper left side of the screen is a series of icons; the 3rd from the top is 3 horizontal lines; click it and the info about the picture will display - Title indicates the park where it was taken, the Caption identifies the plant or might have a "Mystery plant #"), then a bunch of photographer-geek information about lens, shutter speeds, etc. In some galleries, there will be a map showing where the picture was taken.
If you have clicked the Info icon, click the picture once and the information section of the screen (the stuff to the left of the picture that showed when you clicked the Info icon) disappears. Click the picture again and it will load a higher-resolution version (zoomed in) that you can click-and-drag to move around and view details of the picture.
When the icons are showing on the left side of the screen, the next to the bottom icon is a down arrow - click it to download a full-resolution copy of the picture.
NOTE: The photos on John's Smugmug account are available for download for your own, NON-COMMERCIAL USE, free of charge. If you want prints, feel free to download and print at home, at your favorite print shop, or use Smugmug's printing service (pre-Covid19 their service and quality were excellent; we assume the quality is still top notch, no idea about lead times, etc).