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Stinchfield Woods

9401 Stinchfield Woods Rd · Pinckney, MI

How to find us

The Stinchfield Woods parking lot is just 3 or 4 spaces along (dirt) Stinchfield Woods Road, 0.56 miles west of Dexter-Pinckney. Make sure you are well off the road and not blocking the gate.

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This is NOT an in-person event. Sierra Club group outings are currently suspended indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These Exercise Guides are intended to assist and encourage exploration of parks and natural areas in the Huron Valley Group region. Please enjoy them on your own or, using appropriate social distancing and masks, with others.

UPDATE - 12/22/2020 - Possible TRAIL CLOSURES
I have been told that a section on the SE side of Stinchfield Woods has been closed off from public access, including some of the trails indicated on our map. I do not expect to get out there to check for myself in the next week, possibly even two weeks. In the meantime, please recognize that access into the SE side of Stinchfield Woods *might* be compromised.

See: https://thesuntimesnews.com/g/dexter-mi/n/22676/things-heat-neighbors-and-community-question-stinchfield-trail-closings and https://www.facebook.com/groups/837926040082294/.

We will update the guide when we have more information; if you have info to share, please message me on here. - John.

The Exercise Guide you've been waiting for - Stinchfield Woods. 700 acres, approx. 11 miles of trails, around 50 interstections, no trail markings anywhere! Oh, and hills, lots of hills, with lots of conifers. Fun!

If you're inexperienced with using maps in a wood, you might want to try the Bluffs hike first, as a smaller practice field to work up to Stinch.

Below are two maps, one showing almost all the trails in Stinchfield Woods (and indicating where there *might* be additional, unverified, legs), the second showing our recommended route for a 4.5-mile hike. The map with the recommended route (route in yellow, it will print white on a B&W printer) also has two optional extensions, in yellow dots. Those add 1.7 and 0.7 miles to the hike.

There are two points on our recommended route that warrant special attention. Our route starts and ends at the official Stinchfield Woods parking lot, on Stinchfield Woods Road. From there, head east (left) toward #1 on the map. As you approach #1, go up over the hill and around the tower before turning south. The trail can be a bit tough to see going up and over the hill crest, but it is easy to find the continuation at the bottom of the tower you will see there. Go around the far side of the tower.
Secondly, at the intersection at #2, follow the recommended route, even if you plan to add the longer extension in the NW quadrant of Stinchfield Woods. Not following our recommended route at #2 means missing one of the neater features of Stinchfield Woods (assuming you appreciate science).

While dogs are allowed, they must be on leash at all times. Please respect Univeristy of Michigan policy on this.

Enjoy, take pictures, and share them here.