Exercise Guide: Superior Greenway and LeFurge Woods


This is NOT an in-person event. Sierra Club group outings are currently suspended indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These Exercise Guides are intended to assist and encourage exploration of parks and natural areas in the Huron Valley Group region. Please enjoy them on your own or, using appropriate social distancing and masks, with others.

The spring ephemerals are now fading leaves in LeFurge Woods, but the woods are still beautiful and the connected Superior Greenway is blooming!

If you go, please, at least post a comment or some pictures on here letting the rest of us know what is or isn't in bloom. Thank you in advance.

Explore a woodland, meadow, and wetland preserve in Superior Township. We have 2 maps below: our map, showing all trails in the preserves, and our map with the routes we use for the Superior Greenway (3.5 miles) and LeFurge Woods (2.4 miles) hikes. If you are doing them both on the same day, be aware the Greenway has stretches with no shade - we recommend doing it first, then the shadier and cooler Woods trail. However you do them, enjoy the Preserves.
LeFurge Woods and much of the Superior Greenway are preserves managed by Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy (SMLC), http://smlcland.org/.