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Ask An Astrologer Anything--What Astrology Can Do For You!
Happy Holidays! Bring your astrology questions and learn a few tricks of the trade with Sirius astrology software among a few others. You are welcome to ask anything that you like and please bring accurate birth data for yourself if you plan on having your chart read during the presentation. Also, keep in mind that the mini readings are not consultations or sessions but merely a sample reading for yourself. Learn about: How to accurately discover who you are through systems like Vibrational Astrology How to find new locations on the planet for success in Love, Career and Finance How to see what the year will bring through the Solar Return chart How to answer tough Relationship questions and many more If you have Sirius or any other astrology software program and wish to learn how to use your software it may be advantageous for you to bring your software loaded and running on your laptop to the meeting. $5 cash at the door. Thank you and see you there! Thaddeus

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Welcome to SignsInLife Astrology DFW!

Happy 2018--Year of the Earth Dog! [Update: July 2018]

The purpose of my work with astrology in the public is to share the actual tools and techniques, philosophies and practices that authentic astrologers use all over the world. From personal and predictive work, to horary and political/mundane astrology, there is a branch of astrology for everyone to be involved with at a passionate level of experience.

As of September 2017, all regularly scheduled events are cancelled, but this will soon change. New meetups, classes and presentations will be scheduled throughout the year so stay tuned to this page and the SignsInLife Events ( page for more details.

For 2017 through 2014 we have had many events, including three 7 week astrology series on the fundamentals that ran in the spring/summer of 2017 and in the summer/fall of 2015. We did the same beginner astrology workshop series in 2014 as well.

In the future, on-demand workshops will get the aspiring astrologer off and running. Contact me to express your interest in attending a future astrology workshop, class, event, presentation, etc.

I practice several forms of astrology, namely Western astrology and the Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) among others. Within Western astrology I use and am familiar with various Classical approaches in addition to Uranian (Symmetrical), Magi, Modern psychological and now Vibrational Astrology. Every approach is different--I like to think of the various schools as having certain areas where they are most wisely used vs. the "either/or, black/white" approach. Context is the key.

Again, be sure to stay in touch for future classes, presentations and workshops as well as these will be held throughout the year. Contact me with any questions, concerns or news that you would like to share regarding astrology.

Update: July 2018

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