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If you enjoy being outdoors hiking, walking or dancing and listening to electronic music...This group is for you! Everyone wears silent disco style headphones and a curated DJ mix is synchronized with the trail’s terrain and/or overall vibe. Dance stops along the way in inspirational settings will allow for full-on dance sessions. It's social yet everyone has their own personal experience.

The hikes will last between 1 -1 1/2 hours. Most hikes will be in nature, but a regular happy hour walk around Lake Merritt will be the urban exception. Groups will be smallish (10-20 ppl). I will be charging a fee for most of these hikes to cover my expenses. Occasionally, I like to recruit friends/supporters to test out new trails with me and don't charge for those hikes.

The music is more electronic downtempo with a 4/4 beat @ roughly 120 BPMs. Genres include: deep melodic house/techno, afro-house, world beats, desert tech, psy, dub, jazzy-funky beats... I am pretty eclectic as a DJ and let the trail's vibe inspire the soundtrack.

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