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The Woking Group has now closed. Please refer to the website below for more information on where you can learn about Sufi Meditation.


School Of Sufi Teaching

Sufi Silent Meditation in Woking / Surrey

Brothers, Sister, Seekers of Truth

In the ongoing search for truth, for happiness, for purpose, many paths can be followed. This group has been set up to show you the way preferred by the Sufis, the ancient searchers for what is truly real.

Some Sufis turn or whirl, some chant loud or silent recitations (Zhikr). At the School of Sufi Teaching we sit in Silent Meditation turning our hearts towards the Holy Essence.

Through engaging in the Sufi practices of our order, we aim to open ourselves up to the trans-formative nature of the heart and ultimately to bring about a change in the nature of the self and it’s relationship to the world in which we live.

We are currently providing opportunities for individuals of all faiths and persuasions to come and hear a little about our path and practices and then sit for a short time in meditation to experience the effect and benefits of these practices.

If you are currently finding that you are yearning for, or wish to make that deeper connection in, your relationships, your life and in your self, come and spend some time with us by attending one of our introductory meditation sessions.

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Wishing you peace in finding success and contentment on your journey.

All meeting and practices are given freely.

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