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Silesia JUG (SJUG), czyli śląska grupa użytkowników języka Java, to grupa entuzjastów technologii Java, której celem jest wzajemna nauka i zdobywanie wiedzy związanej z platformą JVM. Chcąc dzielić się wiedzą, organizujemy cykliczne spotkania na Śląsku. Dołączyć do grupy może każdy bez względu na poziom znajomości technologii.

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Silesia JUG#68 - Pattern Matching & Sealed Classes: Best Features of OpenJDK 17?

Dear JUGers,

OpenJDK 17 is here, with a range of new features and enhancements. Join in with the friends of OpenJDK, who provide a free central resource for all things Java at Foojay.io, in celebrating the OpenJDK on the Foojay Virtual OpenJDK 17+ JUG Tour, including at Silesia JUG with Deepu Sasidharan!

## Abstract:
Let's have a quick rundown of the two most exciting features landing in OpenJDK 17!

Pattern matching in Java is almost complete now. OpenJDK 16 added support for pattern matching in the instanceof operator and now this can be used in switch cases to perform idiomatic pattern matching, as in many other modern languages.

Let's see all the possibilities with it first and then we will look at the new Sealed classes and interfaces that let you restrict inheritance and learn how they can be useful in pattern matching.

## Bio:
Deepu K Sasidharan is a Software Engineer by passion & profession. He is the co-lead of JHipster and the creator of KDash. He is a polyglot programmer working with Java, JavaScript, Go, Rust, and so on. He is also a cloud technology advocate and an open-source software aficionado. He is a technology advocate by passion. He has authored books on JHipster and writes frequently about Java, JavaScript, Go, Rust, DevOps, Linux, and so on, on his blog. He works as a Developer Advocate for Adyen.

See you there!

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