What we're about

The concept with Silicon Dojo is to try to teach technology in much the same way as martial arts are taught. We will be doing hands on projects generally for every meetup by building prototypes to solve specific types of problems. We will build sensors, vehicles, etc so that members not only learn at an academic level, but also grasp why any of this matters.

At first we will be focused on using the Arduino Platform.

Unless otherwise stated Arduino Boards, sensors and materials will be provided for the class. Participants will NEED to bring their own PC/ Mac with the Arduino IDE preinstalled. ( https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software )

The core concepts of this teaching style will be:

• Learn by doing

• Focus on one specific topic at a time

• Repetition breeds confidence

• Once you understand what has been taught, play around and get a feel for what you have learned.

• Help each other don't just rely on the instructor

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Temperature Sensor and Arduino

The Meeting House

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