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The Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network (SV-ALN) is the Silicon Valley’s most active and largest Agile/Lean community. Launched in 2011, we’ve grown from 17 members to over 4,500 members. Our purpose is to evangelize and educate Agile and Lean skills to our members as well as building our community to serve as a networking platform.

Our members include agile coaches, scrum masters, executives, project managers, product managers, engineers, QA, designers, and many others from Apple, Adobe, Service Now, Cisco, Comcast Innovation, eBay, Ericsson, The Gap, Splunk, HP, Intel, study.com, LinkedIn, PayPal, PG&E, Verizon, Visa, Walmart.com, Yahoo! among many other large firms and start-ups.

Join our Linkedin group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4153785/ (http://www.linkedin.com/groupsDirectory?itemaction=mclk&anetid=4153785&impid=&pgkey=anet_search_results&actpref=anetsrch_name&trk=anetsrch_name&goback=%2Egmp_110958%2Egdr_1320345623551_1).

If you'd like to speak, please fill out the form at http://www.tinyurl.com/agiletalks .

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Unlock Your Awesome: Create an Intention Canvas to BE more over DOING more!

Come create an Intention Canvas to set a clear, achievable path while leaving constraining SMART goals behind. Self-care is critical, but take a moment to think about the WHY behind your self-care plans. Why meditate for 20 minutes a day, walk 10K steps, eat right and sleep 8 hours a day? So that you can be balanced, refreshed and awesome! Do you want to focus on meditation and sleep hygiene? Yes, of course. But think about the WHY behind it: You want to feel amazing when you wake up in the morning - and wake with your change agent battery supercharged.

As change agents and Agilists, learn about 12 Agile Best Self principles so that you can use this lightweight framework to be your best self. Create an Intention Canvas to BE more instead of just DOING more. Facilitators guide you through a workshop that includes examples and a series of simple, introspective questions to help you build an Intention Canvas. Facilitators are on camera the entire time, but participants can participate with cameras on or off, or use the chat.

Come armed with low res tools (3 sheets of paper or sketchpad, colored pens or pencils) and leave with your personal, hand drawn Intention Canvas.

You'll also learn how to use your Intention Canvas to help guide you through daily decisions and go beyond burnout and on to awesome!

Brian Hackerson, Co-Creator, Agile Best Self

"Brian is a reformed functional manager, turned agile coach. Since that personal transformation, he has become curious about neuroscience with a keen interest in understanding flow state, the greatest place to be. At his core, he is a data enthusiast, having background in healthcare data analytics before it became cool. Using common agile metrics applied in uncommon ways, he has shaped his personal agile journey.

Brian enjoys teaching Scrum, coaching teams and individuals to foster growth mindset, with an eye on creating positive outcomes for teams and individuals. Right now he is volunteering his time to teach Scrum in Community Education in Apple Valley, Minnesota, as well as sharing Scrum basics with students at local universities.

When Brian isn’t working or caring for his family, he can be found at Target Field cheering on the Minnesota Twins every chance he gets."

Michaele Gardner. Co-Creator, Agile Best Self

Connector, catalyst and coach. I've worked as a crisis counselor, software developer, and analyst. I'm currently a small business owner, Agile and career coach. My lifelong love of learning and interest in developing a like-hearted Agile community motivates and energizes me.

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