What we're about

We are a community of business and career professionals committed to supporting the development of outstanding leadership - the kind of leadership that makes a difference, promotes leadership training and development and the fulfillment of ambitions - individual, global and community wise.

Who should join:
Business and career professionals who are either executives, entrepreneurs, managers, project managers, technology & engineering and software professionals, small business owners, or those committed to be leaders who are looking to develop their leadership skills or take them to the next level. We welcome professionals and individuals who are both career minded, business minded and those who are committed to community and non-profit visions and goals being fulfilled.

Why should members join:
You will get training, coaching, practices, and tools to empower you to achieve a breakthrough level of leadership for your company, small business, team, and yourself whilst impacting every aspect of your life, including family, friends, and community.

What can members expect out of the group:
We will have light networking for the community to get to know each other and have structured presentations and exercises.

How the community works:
We want to foster a community of support and have structures to enable people to be supported: this includes our meetings, educational presentations and other fun activities.