• Mortar & Pestle & Curry

    Mortar & Pestle Bar

    This cocktail bar has a good tap list, and is also attached to Curry Up Now.

  • Dish n Beer

    Dish n Dash

    I was gonna call it Beer n Dash, but thought that might give people the wrong impressions... Anyway, Dish n Dash has some pretty good med. inspired food and a decent tap list. And I haven't brought the group there yet.

  • Jake'sFest 2019 (not an official meetup event, but I'm prob going)

    A fundraiser for a dog rescue, and beer (and wine too). What's not to love! Silent Auction with a bunch of stuff https://www.facebook.com/events/341487749835019/

  • Clandestine Vegans

    Clandestine Brewing

    Vegan BBQ at Clandestine. Event starts at 1, but last time the line was nuts, so I recommend arriving early.

  • Parktown Thursday

    Parktown Pizza Company

    Haven't hit this place up in awhile. A good pizza place with an indian flare. good veggie options, and a great beer list. http://www.parktownpizza.com/pdf/parktown-menu.pdf https://www.taphunter.com/location/parktown-pizza-milpitas/6291564045795328

  • Viva CalleSJ beer walk

    Santa Clara Valley Brewing

    So VivaCalleySJ goes down Story to Market to Downtown SJ. I figure I'll grab an late bfast/early lunch near Alma/Monterey and then chill a min at Santa Clara Valley Brewing before joining the route and hitting Clandestine and Camino and maybe Uproar/forager/other downtown stuff (it really depends on how I feel after the bottleshare on the 18th :-p)

  • Bottleshare at my place

    2669 Lone Bluff Way

    So I have more beer than i know what to do with, and expecting a bit more in the next few weeks with my plans and travels, so time to call in some help! I was gonna schedule it for May 4, but chances are there's other events going on, like a beer walk and star wars stuff, so figured the following week would work better. Share rules: bring a good beer to share (I'll also have a ton), and some snacks. not sure if I'll set a theme for this one yet... (parking sucks, use lyft or public or whatever; maybe bring chairs/camp chairs)

  • Happy Meower at Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

    Ok, so, I know we were just here. but #DontCare, #Kittens. Town Cats is hosting a kitten adoption event from 3-6pm. I know a lot of people can't get here till after this, but I figure I'll let people know about the event. And there are a few other places to grab a beer at the pruneyard if we want to migrate once the kittens leave. (I may actually try and leave work a little early...) (town cats is also hosting a pints and paws event at Clandestine on the 12th, 6-9pm; so I'll probably try and set up a thing for that too)

  • May Day! May Day! We're going Off The Rails

    Off The Rails Brewing Co.

    A semi-newish place to which I've never been. https://offtherailsbrewing.com/

  • Group Anniversary #4: Event 4 (Belmont - RWC)

    Alpha Acid Brewing Company

    We'll start at Alpha Acid when they open at noon (not far from Belmont Caltrain) It's a 1mile walk to Blue Oak (opens at 2, so we can hang at AA for awhile) Just under a mile to The Refuge/Ale Arsenal (AA opens at 3) It's a long haul (1.6miles) to Ghostwood and then a few blocks to Gourmet Haus Staudt, and not too far from the RWC caltrain station. (I'll probably walk between all the stops, but lyfting should be pretty easy as well)