• August Silicon Valley Ember.js meetup


    We've got two great talks planned for you this month! Jordan Hawker, Engineer at Twitch: It's Easy To Measure Performance In Ember Tracking how fast your application loads can be a daunting prospect. Constructing that data with enough accuracy and granularity to be actionable sounds even worse. Thankfully, we have the tools in Ember to make instrumentation a breeze! We'll explore what the Ember ecosystem has to offer for performance measurement, as well as some real-world examples of how to put these techniques into practice. You'll walk away knowing how to get the data you need to optimize your Ember app! Eric Shirley, Engineer at LinkedIn: Relative Links in Ember Applications Using relative links in Ember apps is beneficial in multiple ways. It allows for using routes in multiple places without reconfiguration. Components with links are able to be used in many routes without threading props to them. Refactoring routes and their names becomes much simpler. The effect of these changes can be compounded to increased effect with intra-company addon/component library architectures. Big thanks to LinkedIn for hosting!

  • June Silicon Valley Ember.js meetup


    We're back at Netflix for our June meetup! We'll have two talks from Netflix engineers. Alex LaFroscia will be talking about Web Components, creating them them using Stencil.js and working with them in Ember. Our second talk will be given by Offir Golan & Jason Mitchell. They'll be telling us about their new project Polly.js, which helps you record, replay, and stub HTTP interactions. Thanks to Netflix for hosting!

  • EmberConf 2018 recap and Ryan Tablada on Ember in 2018!

    For our third year in a row, we're going to have a recap of all the talks at EmberConf this year. Whether you attended EmberConf or not, you'll enjoy our recap! The recap will be presented by Erik Bryn, Offir Golan, Chris Garrett, Travis Hoover, and Jordan Hawker. Ryan Tablada, a Senior Engineer at Prototypal, will be giving a talk titled "Ember in 2018." Ember prides itself on being a stable and productive development platform. Thanks to the hard work of the Core Team and Contributors Ember has a huge list of new and exciting features that you can use now! This talk looks at real working examples of cutting edge features, how to use them, and what issues you might run into. Thanks to LinkedIn for hosting!

  • SV Ember.js project night at Netflix


    October's meetup will be our first project night! Project nights are great for getting answers to your Ember.js questions, learning how to get involved with open source, working on side projects, or to just socialize with other members of the local Ember.js community. Big thanks to Netflix for hosting! Here's a map that will help you navigate to the building we'll be in:

  • September SV Ember.js Meetup - Ember Table 2.0 and ES6 Classes & Decorators

    Come kick off the fall with us at Addepar in Downtown Mountain View! This meetup will feature two awesome talks from software engineers at Addepar: Billy Pham - Ember Table 2.0 Chris Garrett - ES6 Classes & Decorators in Ember Schedule 6:30pm—7:00pm: Check-In, Mingling and Food 7:00pm—7:30pm: Talk 1 7:30pm—7:40pm: Break 7:40pm—8:10pm: Talk 2 8:10pm—End: Mingling Thanks Big thanks to Addepar (https://addepar.com/) for hosting and Prototypal (https://www.prototypal.io/) for organizing. If you're looking for help with an Ember.js project, reach out to Prototypal at [masked] . --- If you are interested in speaking at this meetup or a future one, please reach out to one of the organizers; we're always interested in welcoming new speakers to the stage.

  • August SV Ember.js meetup - Fastboot 1.0 & Module Unification at LinkedIn

    Our second meetup of the summer will be at LinkedIn and feature a talk about Ember Fastboot from Ember CLI core team member & LinkedIn engineer Krati Ahuja. Erik Bryn, a member of the Ember core team, will also give an update on the progress being made on the Module Unification RFC implementation in Ember & Ember CLI. Big thanks to LinkedIn (http://linkedin.com) for hosting and Prototypal (https://www.prototypal.io/) for organizing. If you're looking for help with an Ember.js project, reach out to Prototypal at [masked] .

  • July SV Ember.js meetup - Offir Golan & Trent Willis

    Location visible to members

    We've got another great Silicon Valley Ember.js meetup for you this month! Offir Golan and Trent Willis, both engineers at Netflix, will be speaking. Offir will be telling us about how Ember is used at Netflix and Trent will be showing off some new features around testing in Ember. Big thanks to Netflix (http://www.netflix.com) for hosting and Prototypal (https://www.prototypal.io) for organizing. If you're looking for help with an Ember.js project, reach out to Prototypal at [masked] .

  • Everything you need to know about Glimmer.js, migrating 25 apps to Ember Engines

    Wang Lei, Engineering Manager at Clover, will be giving a talk about their migration from Ember 1.x to 2.11 and how they migrated 25 separate Ember apps into 1 using engines. Erik Bryn, from the Ember.js Core Team, will be giving a talk about the newly released Glimmer.js project, what that means for Ember.js users, and how you can start using it today. Big thanks to Clover for hosting and Prototypal for organizing. If you're looking for any Ember.js consulting or training, reach out to [masked].

  • October Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup

    2061 Stierlin Ct

    Kicking the evening off we'll have Sarah Clatterbuck, Director of Engineering at LinkedIn, talk briefly about managing teams of open source developers and working as part of the community. Second we'll have Ryan Johnston who works on building apps for Netflix studios. He will be talking about ember-action-cable, an Ember addon for working with Rails ActionCable. Closing out the evening we'll have Chris Thoburn giving a presentation about concurrency, parallelism, and the near future of your Ember applications. He'll explore the future of performance optimizations we can make inside of Ember. Special thanks to LinkedIn for providing us dinner and a venue for the meetup! Somehow there will be signs guiding you to the meetup.

  • September meetup: Mike Fotinakis and Lauren Tan

    We have two great speakers lined up for September! We will start with a lightening talk by Lauren Tan of Netflix (http://www.netflix.com). After a short break for more food and beverages, we will hear from Mike Fotinakis. Mike is the founder of Percy (https://percy.io (https://percy.io/)), a home-grown platform for continuous visual integration of web apps. He previously worked at Google, Science Exchange, and AltSchool in SF. His talk will include a live demo! In his own words: 'Unit testing is mostly a solved problem, but how do you write tests for the visual side of your Ember app—the part that your users actually see and interact with? How do you stop visual bugs from reaching your users? We will dive deep into visual regression testing, a fast-growing technique for testing apps pixel-by-pixel. We will integrate perceptual diffs in Ember feature specs, and learn how to visually test complex UI states. We will show tools and techniques for "continuous visual integration" on every commit, and learn how to introduce visual reviews right alongside code reviews.' Big thanks to Netflix (http://jobs.netflix.com)for hosting!