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Evolution of Identity Management from Centralized to Decentralized Identity
Speaker: Moushmi Banerjee Moushmi was the Identity Lead at Oracle. After 15 years at Oracle, she recently joined Nutanix, as the Engineering Manager. She is an experienced hands-on software architect specializing in identity management with proven track record of building world-class enterprise and cloud security solutions focusing on Web Services Security (SOAP and REST), OAuth2, OpenID Connect. Every organization has a need to protect and control access to information. IAM (Identity and Access Management) has evolved to addresses this need. In this talk Moushmi will go over the evolution of identity management from a centralized model to a decentralized model, starting with passwords based authentication. Moving to a centralized trust model like WS-Trust, Federation, OAuth2, and OIDC. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based application, Identity as a Service (IdaaS). Finally, moving towards decentralized Identity Services like ledger based IAM and Self Sovereign Identity. 6.15 PM - 6.45 PM: Networking/Pizza 6.45 PM - 7.45 PM: Talk


787 Castro Street · Mountain View, CA