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What we're about

Experiment, Grow, Innovate & Inspire.


For Executive Coaches, Systemic Coaches, Team Coaches, OD Professionals and Certified Leadership Circle Practitioners.

Join us, to become part of this exchange to co-create a community of practitioners that will, grow our knowledge, fine tune our skills, support each other in engagements.

For Transformation Professionals, Executives, Middle Management (Directors Technical and Non-Technical), Technical Team Leaders, Business Owners and Founders.

Learn new skills for today’s work environment and receive business advice from colleagues in industry. You will have the option to receive individual leadership coaching as well as engage to receive a certified led Leadership Circle Assessment with experienced practitioners. You will also have an opportunity to learn about agile frameworks and learn the skills to lead in an agile environment. Entrepreneurs will be exposed to Lean Start-Up frameworks and begin moving away from process innovation, and towards innovation by design. Develop the knowledge and skills to create containers of innovation, and support change initiatives that have long lasting impact. (We know that 70% of change initiatives fail, come learn why and how to reduce the risk of “stickiness”)

The (current) Mission of this meet-up group is:

- Improve the leadership of leaders in industry so they can achieve better results and effectively lead in complexity

- Improve our understanding and interpretation of the leadership circle profile

- Enable individual and group insights to occur across practitioners

- Influence thought leadership, create new frameworks.

- Allow us to learn from professional colleagues to help us solve our own problems and to make better decisions that serve us well.

- Become a vibrant community helping leaders and practioners grow and become better

- Help people grow not only their skills but also there mental and conscious capacity.

- Allow coaching professionals to collectively network to deliver value to clients through partnership.

- Be a space for collective intelligence to evolve.

Our Goals:

- Create a vibrant and engaged Leadership Circle (TLC) and Leadership Culture (LCS) community of practice.

- Create opportunities to network, connect and build partnerships and alliances.

- A place to receive leadership development.

- Increase awareness and skills to think and act systemically.

- A place to learn new coaching skills, and to practice these skills in a safe space.

- Improve Agile knowledge and the process that allows Agility to flourish.

- Learn about change and transformation approaches, frameworks that stick.

- Overall Transformation, Intentional Change, Breakthrough Innovation to happen outside this exchange. (Take what we learn here into the world)

Experiment, Grow, Innovate & Inspire.

Our Current Values:

- We share openly because we believe the world is abundant in opportunity.

- We are in service of the development of individuals, teams and organizations.

- We have high integrity and authenticity – How can we ask others to be courageous and open if we are not?

- We are courageous!

- All that we share and teach has an origin, deserving of recognition, respect and appreciation.

- We come from a place of abundance, not scarcity.

- You are only right 97% of the time, we move into our space with a vibration of humility.

- Our work is not original, so we always, when possible acknowledge our sources.

- We seek a fair exchange amongst each other, because without balanced exchange, our system cannot be filled with vitality and thrive.

- We honor that it takes time to find our place in our space. It takes time to find our effective, useful, and impactful place in this community, trust that you will. (This is why we exist)

- We seek to illuminate, not fix.

- We believe in continuous feedback, so we can adjust and improve.

- We sit with problems and questions for a while, this leads to wisdom and breakthroughs.

- Good enough is better than perfect, this is a journey. You are READY, NOW.

- Make time to help others, encourage others, support othes, its called giving back. (Do you remember that person who mentored/helped you when you were starting out?)

- We share openly, since we do not judge.

- Respect for each other’s perspective and history. Remember, we do not fully know what are the contents of the others backpack of life.

- We steer by setting goals and collectively co-creating.

- We take what we learn here “out there” or it’s just ego stroking.

Transformation, Intentional Change, Breakthrough Innovation

In order to co-create we seek to create a container for collective intelligence to emerge. We need to take time to establish:

- A Common language

- Meaningful connections

- Share ideas and thoughts, without judgement

- Be okay to sit with problem(s)

- Shared and Aligned values

- Tap into Collective Intelligence

- We “make time” because we know it’s not easy to “find time”.

We remind each other that leadership development, agile and cultural transformation is long term and a life long journey, unfortunately its not possible in one quarter, 6 months or 1 year. Improvements are achieved continuously and outcomes are exponential. It takes hard work from the inside out and outside in.


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