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Are you satisfied with the impact you’re having in your family, workplace, or community? Have you accomplished the goals you set for yourself in the past year? When things need to happen in your workplace, can people count on you? Do you have a trusted set of friends and advisers to reach out to when faced with challenges? Are breakthroughs and transformation an integral part of your lifestyle?

At our events, (besides taking a break from our daily routines;-) we explore among other things the mindset, strategies and tactics of successful leaders, as well as approaches to tackling your current challenges. Currently we do this by. We invite you to hang with us in your journey towards leadership excellence.

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How To Rekindle Your Social Skills And Social Life (FREE WORKSHOP)

Ever have a hard time making small talk? Unable to find the courage to approach that awesome person? Wonder how some people exude magnetism and charisma? Is your social anxiety getting worse because of the pandemic?

Fortunately, Jaunty is here to rejuvenate your social skills with our effective, FREE workshop!

This fun, interactive workshop is Jaunty’s first step into social mastery and includes a mix of theory, exercises, and opportunities to mingle.

This workshop will help you identify the biggest causes of what's holding you back socially.

Should you use humor, flirting, body language, storytelling, assertiveness or empathy in your interactions? If so, when exactly?
- How do I meet, or even approach, great people during these times?
- How am I coming across to others online AND offline?
- How much is my social anxiety stopping me?

Figuring all that out on your own can feel totally overwhelming. That’s why we have spent the last decade perfecting teaching this stuff!

We’ll look into the science and art of attraction and practice tried and tested techniques that will change the way you connect with people. Our workshop covers many social graces such as conversational agility, belief systems, and assertiveness. And we’ll examine what may be holding you back from your highest potential.

If you want to create connections for friendships, romance, or business, this workshop will teach you how to become a social dynamo. See you there!

Space is limited so please register and arrive early.

About your Instructor:

Craig Gibbons is a Head Instructor at Jaunty. Growing up in a small town near San Luis Obispo, Craig struggled with shyness. Wanting to change, he later delved deep into social and emotional intelligence through academic study and personal experiments. In college, he realized he wanted to work with people and switched majors from Computer Science to Human Performance.

Both Eric (Jaunty's founder) and Craig spent thousands of hours experimenting and researching the limits of social behavior to create the tried and tested course material for Jaunty. They are tirelessly dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and become social dynamos.


How do I access the workshop?

Register for the Workshop: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZErcOCupjIoEtDk7Tbfbd46h5eIHzniuvHX

- You will receive an email with login instructions once you register for the workshop.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

- Contact us anytime at: www.jaunty.org or [masked]

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