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The “20% Doctrine”— How tinkering and creative exploration lead to success.
Hello everyone, Over the years the books I've read have significantly impacted the way I look at life and business and as a leader, my philosophies have also been shaped by the knowledge of those far more intelligent than myself. Please join us as we explore the thoughts and ideas of prominent leaders in their field. In our next meeting we will focus on The “20% Doctrine” by Ryan Tate. About the book: An inspiring exploration of how unorthodox business practices and the freedom to experiment can fuel innovation. We're at a crossroads. Many iconic American companies have been bailed out or gone bankrupt; others are struggling to survive as digitization and globalization remake their industries. At the same time, the tectonic forces disrupting U.S. corporations—ubiquitous bandwidth and computing power, cheap manufacturing and distribution—have enabled large organizations to foster new innovations and products through experiments that are at once more aggressive and less risky than they would have been twenty years ago. At companies such as Google, employees are encouraged to spend 20% of their work time on projects they're personally interested in. Almost half of Google's new product launches have originated from this policy, including Gmail and AdSense. Now other companies have adopted the concept, providing them a path to innovation and profits at a time of peril and uncertainty and offering employees creative freedom when many are feeling restless. The 20% Doctrine is about goofing off at work, and how that goofing off can drive innovation and profit. Here Ryan Tate examines the origins and implementation of 20% time at Google, then looks at how other organizations such as Flickr, the Huffington Post, and even a school in the Bronx have adapted or reinvented the same overall concept, intentionally and serendipitously. Along the way, he distills a series of common themes and lessons that can help workers initiate successful 20% style projects within their own organizations. Only through a new devotion to the unhinged and the ad hoc can American businesses resume a steady pace of development and profitability. My ask of you is that you just read 1 or 2 chapters from this book (if you cannot read the entire book) and come prepared to discuss why you selected those chapters and what you took from reading them. I look forward to meeting you all in person and having a great discussion around increasing our effectiveness as Leaders and individual contributors within our respective organizations!

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