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A new approach to the command line - Xiki

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Craig Muth has been evolving Xiki for over 10 years. He is the founder of, and the founder/organizer of the pair programming hack events in San Francisco.

It's time for a command revolution! Xiki takes the command line to the next level, by breaking down the barriers that exist in traditional command shells. Instead of allowing only one kind of command (shell commands) Xiki lets anything be a command - shell commands, url's, code, file paths, phone numbers, git commits, unit tests, and hundreds of others. Instead of only allowing one way to run a command (typing it and pressing enter) Xiki lets you run commands by using the mouse, clicking in a web browser, right-clicking
to see examples, and interacting command output as a friendly interactive interface.

Craig will demo how Xiki can be used as a better way to run shell commands and share them among a team, for rapid-prototyping, and as an incremental development tool. Also as an interactive note-taking tool, and to rapidly create usable interfaces for a team of devs.


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