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What we’re about

The Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA) is an organization that was founded to address the needs of Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers and other professionals working within the Product Management field.

The goal of SVPMA is to provide a forum for education, networking and community amongst those who work in product management. That includes, but is not limited to Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Marketing Managers, Directors of Product Management, and VPs of Product Management.

We meet every month with speakers, panels, or presentations that focus on day-to-day issues, career development, emerging trends, or any other issues that strike our fancy.

SVPMA is a grass-roots organization, which means members of our group are responsible for planning events, communicating with other members, staffing events, fundraising, and finding space to hold our meetings.

Our mission is to provide Product Management professionals with networking, training, and career acceleration opportunities. Through monthly speaker meetings, quarterly workshops, and quarterly networking and social events, SVPMA helps Product Management professionals to be more effective in both day-to-day work as well as managing their overall careers.