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Cash Flow Game: Learn The Pitfalls and Play To Win
The Cash Flow Game is a fun experience to learn various real estate investment strategies, and how it applies to real life experiences. It is a small group setting. 9:30am Registration and Networking 10:00am Cash Flow Game and how it relates to real life Velocity Banking Strategies, how to use the tools to build wealth, and understand "Debt to Income" Ratio and Why It is Important To Know In order to Win The Game of Life Abundance. 12:00pm Questions and Answers Hosted by Amelia Wong |[masked] | Amelia is a Successful Veteran Real Estate Investor and Realtor for the last 20 Years. She worked for Tony Robbins for 7 Years as Mastery Mentor supporting the Unleash The Power Within events, and traveling around the world to conduct Momentum Sessions. She is a Renatus 5-Star Certified IMA, 2017 Rising Star, and 2018 Real Estate in Action Award Winner. Presented by Wayne Mason |[masked] | Wayne is an Experienced Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Broker & General Contractor. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering & a Master’s in Business Administration. Prior to Real Estate, Wayne worked as a Sales, Marketing & Business Professional for Top Silicon Valley Companies from 1986 to 2002. Wayne is a Renatus 5-Star Certified IMA, 2017 Rising Star, and 2018 Real Estate in Action Award Winner.

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Knowledge is Power! Join us to learn about Real Estate Financial Literacy and Advanced Real Estate Investing Strategies that The Wealthy People Do Not Want You To Know!

Learn the Financial Literacy through the Cash Flow Game, use the right tools to keep more money that you earn, become debt free, then invest that money in planting Real Estate investment trees, teach your loved ones to do the same. Positive Cash Flow is the Key to Happy Life.

We are a group of successful, self-driven, passionate real estate investors and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, who are dedicated to continue education and share with others what we have done to build short term and long term wealth. INVEST IN WHAT MATTERS MOST AND THAT IS YOU! Knowledge Is Power! Give Yourself A Miracle Gift for Life! Come join us today. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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