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5 Pillars of Creating Wealth and Velocity Banking Cash Flow Game
6:30pm Registration and Networking First Time Guests: 7:00pm 5 Pillars of Real Estate Investing and The Science of Getting Rich presented by Rick Steiner, who has over 20 years of residential and commercial construction experience in the Bay Area. Rick will share with you his passion of the real estate investing strategies that made him tens of thousands of dollars in 6 months. Returning Guests: 7:00pm Velocity Banking Cash Flow Game - Test Drive the Cash Flow Game to find out your Investment ID, your current cash flow strategies, and discover new strategies to achieve your Dreams. Amelia Wong and Wayne Mason, veteran real estate investors for over 20 years, will facilitate the Cash Flow Game. Educationl Members: 7:00pm This week will focus on learning the Self-Directed Roth IRA and how to use the Roth IRA to invest in Real Estate to earn tax free money. 8:30pm Real Estate Education Platform Overview and Sign up for Follow Up meetings. We are part of a Nationwide Real Estate Community. Find out what we do at: This meetup is part of a multi group meetup. Total attendees around 50 to 80 people weekly.

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Building Wealth Through Real Estate Education and Investing. We are a group of dynamic, upbeat, self-driven, real estate investors, and business development entrepreneurs. We are focused on learning and implementing advanced real estate investment strategies, collaborating on finding deals, seeking and providing private funding, wholesale, fix & flip properties, buy & hold strategies as well as tax saving strategies and mortgage debt reduction.

Learn how our velocity banking strategy to pay off your home in 8 years vs 30 years with the same income. Saving tens of thousands of dollars of mortgage interest over time. Leverage IRA or Roth IRA accounts to invest in real estate tax-deferred or tax free. Knowledge is Power! Our group is created to share what we learn and practice in a team environment. Bay Area Real Estate Weekly Mastermind Group consists of real estate investors, real estate mentors, builders, contractors, handymen, lenders, and realtors with all aspects of knowledge of whole-sale, fix and flip, buy and hold, investment strategies, and much more...

This weekly mastermind group is for real estate investors, who want to learn advanced strategies, homeowners who want to become real estate investors, homeowners who want to pay off their mortgage fast, and people who want to learn more about various aspects of advanced real estate investment strategies.

There will be business opportunity for people who are looking for creating multiple streams of income.

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