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Join a diverse group of people from all specialties, eager to explore ways of scaling social impact through emerging technologies (AI, Blockchain et al).

While tech clearly has the potential to significantly "level the playing field" and solve pressing social issues, its deployment clearly lags in the nonprofit world.

Out of 340,000 non-profits in the USA, only 346 or .1% are tech-visioned.

Left to its own devices, the market will target tech to those with resources rather than need.

Tech offers opportunities for new innovative, impactful and cost-effective approaches to such issues as access to education, healthcare, banking, sanitation & more.

Let's brainstorm on how the new wave of decentralization and personalization can drastically change the lives of at-risk communities for the better. Let's take advantage of our local resources - tech's best, brightest and with any luck, bravest!

“If machines produce everything we need, the outcome will depend on how things are distributed, so far, the trend seems to be toward … technology driving ever-increasing inequality.”

Stephen Hawkings

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