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The Talent Search Continues: Looking for More Rock Star Entrepreneurs!

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When RSVPs reach critical mass, we will designate a date for this event. When you RSVP, please indicate whether you prefer to attend the event on a Saturday afternoon or on a week night. We can then plan accordingly.

Silicon Valley has talent!

Idea to IPO is conducting an ongoing talent search for the next generation of rock star entrepreneurs.

We are producing a documentary series on Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in collaboration with Silicon Valley film maker Ben Halverson.

We have completed about 50 interviews thus far, and have submitted a rough cut to the San Jose Short Film Festival.

This is the tentative title of the series:

Silicon Valley Rockstar Entrepreneurs: The Next Big Thing!

We hope to engage audiences around the world by profiling the next generation of up and coming entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. We are also interested in the stories of entrepreneurs from around the world, as well as the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, and the start up scene internationally.

If you have a compelling story, we want to hear it. Perhaps the rest of the world will benefit from hearing your tale of inspiration, struggle, and success as an entrepreneur.

We are shooting for mass, global distribution through multiple channels - online, offline, film festivals, educational institutions, entrepreneurial associations, meetups, social media, mobile, etc.

Come for an orientation and info session. We'll go over the details of the project.

We will film interviews/screen tests on the spot, so be prepared.

Each interview/screen test should take roughly three to five minutes.

Keep in mind that there will be some downtime while you are waiting your turn to be interviewed. You can use that time to network, socialize or get some work done.

There is free WiFi. Please bring your laptop.

If you cannot wait, we can reschedule your shoot for a later time.

Refreshments provided!

Please review the questions below. They will be used as prompts in the screen test/interview.

1) Tell us a bit about your background as an entrepreneur, as well as a little bit about your professional and academic background.

2) What kind of personal sacrifices have you made as an entrepreneur?

3) They say failure in Silicon Valley is acceptable. Have you failed before, and what have you learned from failure?

4) What qualities and personality traits should an entrepreneur have?

5) There is currently an entrepreneurial fever raging around the globe. What do you think of this phenomenom? Is starting a company or working for a startup a viable path for most people? Why or why not?

6) There is a mindset of "getting funded" as a milestone, or an end-all, be-all among many entrepreneurs. What are your thoughts on this mindset?

7) What advice would you have for someone interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

8) What would you do differently if you had the chance?