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Ever wanted to learn to make video games, but never had the means or know where to start? Or, have you always wanted to learn to program computers but all those other tutorials are too boring?

Why not learn with us? Let's get together and learn the Unity 3d game engine: unity3d.com

Unity 3d is the premier cross platform game engine (the thing you use to make games). You can make games for the Mac, PC, Android, iPhone and even VR systems like Oculus Rift. Unity is free for personal use, and comes with a number of video tutorials for beginners.

This is a study group/support group for learning Unity 3d through the Unity Tutorials. We can break into groups based on which tutorial people are on. If you haven't started yet, we will have a group for total beginners. Let's work together and help each other become game making experts.

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Unity Developers Get-Together

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Video Game development using Unity 3d study group.

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