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Hi everyone!

We, women, are half of the world - yet it seems like we do not have an equal voice. Living in the most advanced, happening part of the world in Silicon Valley, one would assume there is equity for all. But we all know that's not the case. In addition to being super smart and capable to compete in silicon valley, we have to deal with lot of underlying issues that come from the fact that we are women and sometimes they hold us back. There are biases and underlying issues when it comes to giving us equal opportunity speak ( mansplaning, interrupting, taking credit for our work), equal opportunity for leadership and we are not even talking about equal opportunity for risk- we know we get pushed down! These issues are further aggravated when you are a minority woman, at a certain age or a certain title within an org.

These conscious and unconscious biases create inequity for women. Not only do each one of us lose an opportunity or have feeling of self-doubt, the world loses out on the product or change we women would have created if we had the opportunity.

If any of this resonates with you, then consider us your family. I have been there, faced that. Have you? At times, there are things we can do to push back. Other times, we can't do it alone - we need awareness in the community and a larger voice.

Our goal will be:

- to become more aware of these issues

- create a community for us to have conversation

- Learn how we can empower our selves

- Identify opportunity to increase awareness through partnerships, engagement

Until we all get equity, we are here! When it's an equal world for us, we can close shop here. I think we are going to be open for a while. You in?



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