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Seeking working mothers within the tech industry to share experiences and to support each other. As professional working mothers, we all know that "work-life balance" is never balanced. It’s really about juggling between meeting (and exceeding if you ever hope for a promotion) work responsibilities, being there for your children emotionally and physically when and where it counts the most, managing house chores and running errands, all the while keeping your marriage together.

There may never be a neat solution to the complex facets of our daily lives, but through sharing our experiences, lending a pair of ears, offering little nuggets of advice that work, we may feel that we are not alone, and that we are heard.

I’ve been searching for a support group like this on meetup, but have yet to find one. I finally realize that it’s time to create one myself. I envision the following activities for this support group:
+ Share our experiences at work – our short-term goals, long-term goals, and roadblocks.
+ There are a million different ways to raise children. We are not here to judge or to try to change your way. We are here to listen to you and to offer advice if you need it and if we have it to give. We respect each other’s differences in philosophy, values, and belief. Hopefully we can have our children play together and let the kids be kids, without the adults spoiling all their fun.
+ Keeping a marriage alive can be tough when you have to juggle all your other responsibilities. Sometimes all you need is a pair of ears, and we’re here for that. Sometimes you may need ideas to spice up your love life, and hopefully we have something to share with you too.
+ We talk about a good book that we’ve recently read. We go to an interesting event, whether it’s work-related or not. We volunteer. We may learn something new together. We may have coffee, lunch, or dinner. We hang out.

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