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The two-day forum features 6 interesting summits where industry leaders will discuss some of the most trending topics including AI, Autonomous Driving, New Media, Education

Silicon Valley Smart Future Summit
With the development of Artificial Intelligence technology, the imagined future is gradually becoming a reality. Intelligent technology and smart devices are now everywhere in our daily lives. The wave of AI has swept across all industries including Transportation, Education, Finance, Retail and Healthcare. The Smart Future Summit brings together industry pioneers and experts from both China and the U.S. to explore the possibility of AI and Smart Future.

China-US New Media Summit
In recent years, innovative forms of media are developing at an unprecedented speed. At the same time, traditional media is struggling to combat the stagnant growth. While traditional media outlets are facing both challenges and opportunities, what are some solutions and innovations to accelerate the transition? The New Media Summit has invited experts to answer your questions and to explore media trends in China and in the U.S.

Silicon Valley Innovation & Investment Summit
During 2016, there were 412 cases of oversea merging and acquisition by Chinese investors, 81 more than that in 2015. Cross border investments have brought benefits to China and the U.S., fueling the technology development and economic growth for both countries. The Silicon Valley Innovation & Investment Summit invites renowned investors and venture partners to share their investment insights, and find out the next Unicorn together.

Next Car Summit
Autonomous Vehicle is one of the most anticipated trends in 2017. Many global technology tycoons such as Google, Facebook, or Nvidia have stepped feet on real roads to test out driverless cars and relevant technologies. At the same time, competition is fierce due to hundreds of rising startup companies such as Drive.ai, Nauto. At SVIEF Next Car Summit, we will discuss face-to-face with top AV teams in the world and listen to their perspectives on the future of AV/Connected Cars.

U.S.- China Education Innovation Summit
Technology breakthroughs and connected devices have changed the education environment. Educators have adopted and applied technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality for innovative education in different ways. These technologies bring entirely different experience to classrooms and help students to learn more effectively and efficiently. The Education Innovation Summit brings together educators all over the world to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the era of internet.

Silicon Valley Developer Summit
The Silicon Valley Developer Summit is a technically oriented summit for developers from different industries to discuss and exchange technical achievements and solve technology difficulties collaboratively. Each year, we attract hundreds of software engineers from Google, Tesla, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Our goal is to provide a platform for effective collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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