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Speaker: Database Legend Fabian Pascal

During hyping of fads such as Big Data all you hear is the "huge opportunities for enterprises to gain hitherto unimagined insights". On the other hand, you hear very little about the potential to tell enterprises really big lies, which can rise from 100% correct data in poorly designed databases. That's because what passes for "Data Science" is not science, let alone science of data.

Most data professionals know that relational databases consist of tables, but so what? Provably correct query results are guaranteed if and only if R-tables are well-designed and properly constrained. This is exacerbated by SQL DBMS's who tolerate poorly designed tables and apply incorrect operations. Unfortunately, more often than not tables are neither, and SQL DBMS's don't, which makes databases harder to understand, queries don't always make sense, and results are hard to interpret, or outright wrong.

You will learn:

• The Real Data Science

• Relations and databases

• 5NF R-tables

• "Table arithmetic"

• RDM and SQL