Building an Innovation-Driven Tech Workplace

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Workplace disruption has taken hold, and the workforce is changing across industries—career trajectories and employee expectations have shifted dramatically, as we move further into a connected, autonomous world. The future looks bright but uncertain for many—how can tech companies keep up with the changing times and create an environment in which all employees can thrive? The talent market is competitive, and companies are faced with a unique strategy challenge: keeping pace with industry disruption and retain the tech talent that can help usher in a new, dynamic era of innovation.

Join Mercer and Silicon Valley Forum on June 20th for “Building an Innovation-Driven Tech Workplace” discussion, where our expert panelists will explore the ways in which today’s leading tech companies are changing the game, and how companies can transform their workplaces to foster innovation. We’ll examine existing evidence from Mercer’s extensive survey of more than 260 tech companies on the most successful practices for building an environment centered on innovation.

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