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There are countless meet up groups that cater to entrepreneurs and start-ups. How is this one different? Led by a lifetime entrepreneur who also moonlights with an interesting day job in emerging growth markets and technology, this is a group for Silicon Valley and Bay Area startup entrepreneurs who are interested in seriously building their business and taking their dream to the next level.

With dozens of jam-packed events already under our belt, we know what you want and we know what you need … ACCESS to useful, relevant, and actionable content from seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs. We cover each stage in the life cycle of a startup, from inception to exit and everything in between. We have the VCs and investors who are ready to share what they know and ready to act on what they like. Our meet ups will support you, inspire you and give you access and connections to the people that can keep your dream alive.

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Doing a Startup Right and Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes and Pitfalls

If you are looking to build a successful, fundable startup that is based on a sound financial model, and is ready to be pitched to investors in Silicon Valley, you won’t want to miss this workshop! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Tickets Here: https://asv-startup-fun-1-2019.eventbrite.com/?aff=MEETUP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dinner and refreshments are provided. Space is limited. RSVP early. AGENDA: 6:00 P.M. - 6:45 P.M. networking, food and refreshments 6:45 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. Speaker and sponsor introductions 7:00 P.M. - 9:00: P.M. - startup workshop and Q & A This is the first workshop in a series of 3 sessions for startup founders, startup executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and developers. MATERIALS A comprehensive printed workbook and reference materials is included in the price of the admission. CURRICULUM Besides building and selling a product, entrepreneurs need to worry about many other things: - How to form a company - How to hire the right people - How to compensate the team - How to split the pie with the co-founders and the team members - How much equity to give investors and at what valuation - How to raise money and under what terms - And many more Often times these issues seem overwhelming, and traps for the unwary or uninformed are numerous. However, successfully avoiding the most common pitfalls can make a significant difference: - as to whether or not your startup is fundable - the sources and types of capital that you will attract - who controls the company - how much you will make upon exit - and your startups overall likelihood of success. In this first segment of the Startup Fundamentals series, Roger Rappoport, a partner and leader of the Emerging Growth & Venture Capital practice at Procopio, a respected law firm in Silicon Valley, will conduct an interactive, informative session with great take away materials and actionable items. Startup issues that will be covered in this workshop (among others): • choices in entity selection; • creating an appropriate capitalization table; • co-founders vs early employees (should they be treated differently?); • appropriate allocations of founders’ stock (including Series FF Preferred Stock) between founders and vesting, repurchase rights and rights of first refusal; • determining if and when it is appropriate to obtain proxies from co-founders/early employees; • stock allocation for employees, consultants, board and advisory board members, and the perils of Section 409A under the Internal Revenue Code when granting options; • when milestone based vesting, as opposed to time based vesting, is appropriate; • the assignment of intellectual property, and ensuring that all IP created belongs to the company; • executing employment/consulting agreements; and • the value of developing an intellectual property strategy early on. SPEAKER BIO Roger Rappoport is the leader of Procopio's Emerging Growth and Venture Capital practice group. He has extensive experience in advising startup and emerging growth companies in the information technology, telecommunications, life sciences and cleantech industries. Roger is a frequent speaker and panelist on topics and issues related to the development and implementation of a company's formation and funding strategy. Before attending law school, he was the founder of a technology company with $10 million... READ FULL BIO HERE: https://asv-startup-fun-1-2019.eventbrite.com/?aff=MEETUP

Go To Market Strategy w/ John Rizzo #3 - Sales & Marketing in the Redefined GTM

**REGISTER/ GET TICKETS HERE** https://asv-rizzo-gtm-3.eventbrite.com/?aff=meetup This three part series will take a holistic view of technology startups, focusing on the role of the CEO and founding entrepreneur in the go-to-market process, including mechanisms to measure outcomes and how they relate to funding and capitalization. John will examine each of the disciplines in the GTM process: sales, marketing, marketing operations, content marketing, demand generation, social marketing, marketing automation, and leadership skills. The technology startup landscape is littered with the remains of incredibly promising, put-a-dent-in-the-universe technologies. These businesses often fail due to self-inflicted errors in go-to-market (GTM) strategies and tactics. The art and science of the sales and marketing discipline at best is largely foreign to technology entrepreneurs, and at worst, feels like a waste of time for those who view the world primarily through an analytical lens. Topic 3: Marketing and selling must evolve in this different view of GTM - how must they? Given a wider view of GTM, how should sales and marketing be structured, measured and what roles do they plan and at what stage of company growth in the GTM process. CURRICULUM The workshop will address the following: Definition and role of sales Definition and role of marketing Measuring and holding sales to account for their role in the GTM model Measuring and holding marketing to account for their role in the GTM model Choosing the right sales model Demand capture and demand generation Pipeline measurement and monitoring Budgeting S&M in the overall GTM cycle. Filld and Deem will be used as examples to illustrate the topics. ------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM - networking, food and refreshments 6:30 PM - 6:45 PM - speaker and sponsor introductions 6:45 PM - 8:30 PM - startup workshop and Q & A ******************************************************************* Dinner and refreshments included. DEMO/ SPONSOR TABLES Reserve a demo or sponsor table and get great exposure! Demo/Sponsor table includes: - 1 (one) event ticket - ½ shared Demo Table - Promotion to guests before live event, from 5:30pm-6:45pm You will also be able to talk for one minute in front of the entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and tell them about your company from 6:45-7:00pm. Limited availability. ********************************************************************** SPEAKER BIO About John Rizzo: John brings more than 35 years of experience helping to guide some of the world’s most successful technology companies through start-up phases, major product launches, branding and marketing campaigns, rapid growth, acquisitions and IPOs. He has raised over > $150M in private and public markets, was a key early-stage contributor to companies that are today delivering well over $200B in combined sales and has two IPO's and five exits under his belt. John's career began at Intel as first product marketer for the first FLASH memory device. He then joined Apple as the first product manager for the first Macintosh working with Steve Jobs and the early Mac team. He ran marketing and sales for Weitek, the world’s first fabless chip company, completing an IPO & pioneered 3D graphics for video gaming. He subsequently was Vice President at Oracle & CEO of Cahoots/Informative (a social networking and customer intelligence SaaS company), which was acquired. He was President and CEO of Zeebo, Inc. a wireless interactive entertainment & education platform for consumers in Brazil, Mexico, China, India where he has extensive experience. SEE FULL BIO: https://asv-rizzo-gtm-3.eventbrite.com/?aff=meetup SPONSORS Procopio - Ranked among the Best Law Firms by U.S. News & World Report from[masked]

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