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Are you looking for a deeper understanding of who you are and your life’s purpose?

This group provides an opportunity for like-minded Souls to come together and find their own relationship with Divine Spirit. We each walk our own path, and all are welcome, regardless of spiritual or religious inclination. We are an open, friendly spiritual community for people of all faiths. Explore your deepest spiritual questions, and meet people of like mind and heart.

We believe in the individuality of Soul and that Soul exists because of the love of the Creator. The birthright of each Soul is freedom beyond fear and the negative entanglements of mind and emotion--to exist in God's unconditional love and be of service to all life.

Have you had a spiritual experience?
Spiritual experiences may include dreams, knowingness, out-of-body adventures, inner guidance, miracles, déjà vu, or a sense that you have lived before.
Open yourself to more love, joy, and wisdom by exploring and understanding life from a spiritual perspective.

Our book discussions are a 6-week look at the spiritual aspects of such topics of universal interest as dreams, relationships, spiritual freedom, solving problems, conquering fear, health, inner guidance, or life after death, using books written by the spiritual leader of Eckankar as the springboard for spiritual conversation and sharing. These are held online via Zoom during this time of COVID.

Our Sound of Soul events focus on experiencing the sacred sound of HU, a carrier of divine love to Soul, the eternal part of yourself. Singing (or listening) to HU is followed by contemplation and wide-ranging spiritual conversation. These are held online via Zoom during this time of COVID.

Our Light and Sound Services are a celebration of God's love for Soul. They feature the ancient and sacred word HU (https://www.eckankar.org/hu.html), a powerful tool for spiritual growth, healing, and inner guidance. Each service has a spiritual theme and may include a guest speaker or panel, group discussion, or music. These are held online via Zoom during this time of COVID.

You can sing HU in a group, or to yourself anytime. Visit http://www.miraclesinyourlife.org for a beautiful video about HU or hear a few thousand people singing HU at http://www.hearhu.org and download it for free. There is also a free HU app for your phone to listen to HU, watch the “Miracles in Your Life” video, and more.

The opinions expressed in this site are those of the writers and not necessarily those of ECKANKAR or the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp.

Sponsored by Eckankar in New Mexico, the New Mexico Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom.

http://www.eckankar-nm.org or call 1-800-876-6704

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Sound of Soul Event

Online event

Sound of Soul - Tuesday, February 1,[masked]:00 p.m. MST

"The Spiritual Laws of Life"

"The odyssey of Soul teaches us to attune to the laws of life. It takes many lifetimes of bumps and bruises before all the lessons of life sink in. And when they do, we are granted the grace to partake consciously of the highest aspects of sainthood.

These laws speak to the heart, for they tell of the relationship between God and Soul. The supreme law is love. It gives each person an answer to the ancient riddle of life: What is my purpose here?

All Souls are moving into a greater circle of light and understanding.

Spiritual enlightenment and illumination comes as we have contact with the Light and Sound of God. Sing HU, and you will find the Light and Sound within you.” "Sound of Soul" by Harold Klemp pg 26.

Sound of Soul
Tuesday, February 1 7:00-8:00 MST
Facilitator: Loretta

We welcome you to join us while we sing HU, followed by spiritual discussion. It is sponsored by Eckankar as a public service.

HU, an ancient and sacred mantra is the Sound of Soul. Sung with deep reverence for the Creator it can uplift and guide each step of one’s life.
What is a Sound of Soul Event? It is an opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals to explore and share spiritual experiences and insights in everyday life.

People of all walks of life and faith are welcome. Feel free to share this invitation with friends and loved ones. During the Sound of Soul Event, we will sing HU for 15-20 minutes followed by open spiritual discussion. One is welcome to participate or attend as a quiet observer.

When you RSVP you will receive a zoom link the day of the event. Registration closes at 12:00 noon that day, though organizer will check back periodically if schedule allows.

When you RSVP for this event you will be sent an email with the Zoom Link.

To Join Zoom Meeting use the link in your RSVP

* You must have the Zoom app pre-loaded on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone in order to join the video meeting. Go to Zoom to sign up for a FREE personal account and to download the app.

User Guide for Meetings

1. Remember that your comments are public. ECKANKAR is not
responsible for any use that may be made of personal information you share.
2. Please do not share anything that may be viewed as inappropriate,
offensive, or defamatory.
3. This discussion does not necessarily reflect the views, beliefs, or ideals
4. To any international guests: This event is not intended for anyone
who is barred by the laws of their country from attending. Please follow
the laws of your home country.
5. This discussion is sponsored by Eckankar in New Mexico, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR.
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ECK Light and Sound Service on "As Soul I Am Free"

Online event

You are warmly invited to attend an online

ECK Light and Sound Service on
“As Soul I Am Free”

"You are Soul. You are eternal. You exist because God loves you. And you simply wear a body while you're here on earth. When this body has run its course, it's dropped in death. But only the physical body dies. Soul—which means you—continues to live."
—Harold Klemp, The Slow Burning Love of God, pp. [masked]

Yourself as Soul — a Spark of God: Eternal, Unlimited, Divine

With the Most Sacred Part of Yourself

The Sacred Sound of HU for Guidance, Healing, Love

February 6, 2022; 11AM-Noon (Arizona and New Mexico)
• Location: Online Zoom Platform
• Join Us for Online Fellowship After the Service

The program for this service and a Youth & Family booklet with activities for families and children, as well as donation information can be found in the Welcome Letter you can access here:

Please Register for the ECK Light and Sound service by Clicking on the Link Below:

Presented by ECKANKAR, The Path of Spiritual Freedom: www.Eckankar.org
and ECKANKAR in Arizona: www.EckankarArizona.org

If you are having any technical issues attending this Event, feel free to reach out to [masked]

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