What we're about

Many remarkable artists live in and around Silver Spring; unfortunately, there aren't many places where these artists can convene, practice art away from their studios, and find new collaborators.

The Silver Spring Art Collective is intended to serve this purpose. We're a gathering for artists, mostly age 25-45, who illustrate, paint, animate, and dabble in code. We like contemporary art, low brow art, manga, anime, portraiture, anatomical and scientific drawings, and gaming. Individuals who seek to assemble teams for group projects, e.g. developing casual video games, are encouraged to attend!

All dedicated artists are welcome. Many members work on art daily; if you are actively working on projects or practice four or more days per week, this group is a good fit for you.


- Membership requests from anonymous accounts will be denied.

- Attendees who are antagonistic or otherwise inappropriate will be banned.

- Members who join but never attend / repeatedly no show may be removed at SSAC's discretion.

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