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We're a group of D&D players, some of which have played for decades and some of which are entirely new! The meetups are mostly made to work for any group so you get the opportunity to play the character you want. If you're interested in attending I encourage you to RSVP and if you don't see one scheduled feel free to prod me into it!

This group was originally made to look for players to replace some in a campaign but those spots have been filled. If you're interested in starting another campaign there's a good chance I'm up for it and you have a bunch of interested people within the group so pull us together!

As of yet we don't have a dependable schedule for one shots so let me know if there's a specific time you want in where we can try to get one going.

While Dungeons and Dragons is a game for anybody, consider that this group is for adults. Please be 21+

Parking: 8530 Cameron St, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Metro: Silver Spring Station (~8 minute walk)

NOTICE: I have a hairy dog. Allergies are likely to be an issue :(

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Play at D&D 5e one shot 11!


This is very short notice so if we don't get 4 people we just won't have it. I'm wanting to base this one shot on DOOM. Make brutal characters and provide brutal descriptions of brutal actions! We'll be playing a party of level 5 adventurers. Enemies will be demons and possibly undead. This will not be a significantly social RP session except within the party. Rip and tear. • What we'll do We'll play a D&D 5e session. Welcome to newcomers and veterans, we'll play an entirely contained session. Put requests for session content, length, whatever in the comments! • What to bring We'll use D&D beyond for character creation (not required but preferred), so bring a means to access it or a copy of your character sheet. A notebook and pencil is always handy. Most people like to bring their own dice but I have extra if you need them. Bring a token or miniature if you have one. Most people use dice, I have a couple minis, and bottlecaps are about right but it's always cool to see new ones. If you have a Player's Handbook I'd definitely recommend bringing it. If you want to bring your own character sheet please use official sources (Player's Handbook, Sword Coast Guide, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, Volo's Guide to Monsters, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes) except for test material (Unearthed Arcana). For stats please use the standard array for stat generation ([15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8] as described on Player's Handbook page 13). If you don't want to make a character (???) you can pick from a pile of premade ones. Be prepared to name your character! • Important to know If you're new, just understand this is a long session and it's totally nerdy! If you start it, please commit to ending it! The time is tentative, if a different time would work for you please mention it in the comments! I have a hairy dog! She is not particularly friendly until she's had a long time to become familiar, so please be respectful of her space. We are likely to have a broad range of player experience. This is a good thing! It's OK to know absolutely all details of 5e just as much as it's OK to not know what a d20 is. I am not an expert! I just made this group because I wanted to play! I'm very likely to make some wrong calls or have misconceptions. Please let me know!

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One Shot Special: Rrakkma


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