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What we’re about

Salsa dance with AM Dance Company: are you looking for an energizing way to relax, socialize and have fun?

AM Dance Company
AM Dance Company teaches salsa with focus on developing social dance skills and growing a community of people passionate for dance. Classes are affordable, for adults of all fitness and dance levels. Classes are created to help those who are looking for ways to improve their dancing through a creative teaching technique with tips and suggestions, personal attention and corrections, which will help you getting to the next level.
Salsa for Beginner to Advanced
The adult Salsa beginner level class is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the dance. Each class will start with fundamental Cuban salsa footwork exercises to get you moving comfortably and confidently to the rhythms, transitioning into partner-dance and then to Group dance (Rueda).
No matter how nervous you feel on your first class, after the first few classes you'll be Salsa dancing with style. You will also enhance confidence and great lead and follow techniques through dancing with diverse styles in rotating partners. As you progress to the next level and learn shines, styles, partner’s and group dance challenges, you will feel comfortable with your movement, which will be as comfortable and natural as breathing!
Performance Team
The performance team classes are aimed at preparing students who dance at an intermediate level to understand choreographic directions and become comfortable dancing on stage. If you are selected to join our performance team, you will be required to attend rehearsals once to twice a week. Learning is optimized when students are engaged in a holistic process, into which thought, feeling and experience are dynamically integrated.
Ashu was born and raised in Ethiopia and currently lives in Maryland. Growing up in multi-cultural nation and seeing variety of dances, Ashu picked up a passion for dance at a young age and fell in love with Latin dance. After dancing for several years, he started sharing the gift of dance in 2009. His goal as an instructor is to teach and influence through the art of movement. “The extreme differences and commonalities in the traditional Ethiopian dance and Latin dance and culture that I embody offers a wellspring of inspiration. A greater capacity to embrace the experience, and work towards blazing a path to advance a more equal, inclusive and artistic future has become my mission” he says.
Sara, started dancing salsa many years ago in Portugal, where she is from. She has been dancing and teaching salsa in Portugal, Guinea-Bissau and Timor-Leste for more than 10 years, as she pursues her other passion in life which is human rights work. In Silver Spring she found a community of alike minded dancers and she is happy to support this community enjoying the process of dancing.