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Like a lot of women, I always thought I'd have the perfect family but life had other plans. I think I fall under the "childless by circumstances" category. At 47, I've accepted that fact that I won't have any children of my own, and even though 1 out of 5 women will never have kids, I still feel like I'm the only one. If your days of trying for kids are over and your looking for friends to relate to, come join us. I've never done anything like this before. I just knew I wanted to make friends with other happy women like me, who sometimes need the support from women in the same situation. I don't want to dwell or celebrate not having kids, I just want to learn that life can be happy and meaningful without them.


As someone who discovered at a young age (22) that I was unable to have children, I realized that I would have very different experiences than most of my friends. Ten years later, as so many people in my social circle are having kids, I struggle with the ebb and flow of happiness for them and sadness for me. I searched for a group of women who could understand or relate to my struggles. Then I found the "Long Island Women Childless by Circumstance". While my circumstances are quite different from many others, I feel lucky to have been part of creating a special circle of sisters who listen, support, advise, and help me enjoy life and those around me. These women are my Silver Lining. Welcome to our group; we look forward to meeting and learning about you. Feel free to share as much or as little as you as comfortable divulging.


My Silver Lining Sisters

Life can be difficult, it is quite true. We are thrown lemons, limes, and sometimes, tomatoes, too.

It is not what you get, but how you react. On minds and souls, the smallest things, can make a strong impact.

Each of us has been handed circumstances beyond our control.

Tears, fears, sorrow, and hardships others don't understand enough to console.

When insensitivity, thoughtless actions, and a lack of consideration is all around. You, I am grateful to have found.

In spirit and in person, you are there to listen, support, and guide. On dark days, I have my ladies by my side.

When it seems like the sun has quit shining,

You help me find my silver lining.

Our group is a reason to endure, go on, and love life amidst the craziness, stress, despair, and strife.

We have bonded over not having children, we do confess. But this void, loss, and anguish does not make us any less.

Each of us is perfectly imperfect in our own way. But we are strong as a unit and can rely on each other every single day.

Don't let anyone unsalt your caramel, for it is our glue.

My Silver Lining Sisters, here's to you!

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