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Are you afraid of public speaking? Are you interviewing for a new job and need to quickly think on your feet? Are you looking for opportunities to develop your leadership skills?
Do you want to be able to grab and hold attention? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, we have the solution for you! Come see what Toastmasters is all about. Come check out Simi Valley Toastmasters at the Moose Lodge in Simi Valley. We meet every Thursday evening at 7:15PM. Where is the Moose Lodge? On Alamo Street, between Tapo Street Stearns Street.

Simi Valley Toastmasters is a part of Toastmasters International, a worldwide non-profit educational organization that promotes public speaking and leadership skills through a network of meeting locations across the globe. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people of all backgrounds become more confident in front of an audience.

Simi Valley Toastmasters Club #3533 is the oldest club in Simi Valley. It has been around since September 29, 1977. There were many members that have come and gone, but we will never forget them and forever will be greatful to everyone for all their help in keeping Simi Valley Toastmasters striving. In the beginning the club met at the local high school in the science room, fish tank and all. After a few years the club nearly disbanded. At one time it was down to four members. But those four members persevered and rebuilt the membership. One of those members, Tom Reilly, is still with us today. Later, the club also met at a portable classroom at Lincoln Elementary School used for Day Care by the YMCA. Sometimes a pet rabbit escaped from his cage and would run in circles around the speaker. Then, the club met at the United Church of Christ on Royal Avenue. Next, we met at the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce which helped the club gain exposure and become more of a part of the community. Then, for about 5 years Simi Valley Toastmasters met at Sunrise Assisted Living in a very nice room for our meetings, and our membership has grown to over 30 members. Now, we meet at Skatelab and are still growing. Come and be a part of our growth in Simi Valley and grow as a speaker and a leader!


If you wish to confront your fear of public speaking, develop your speaking / presentation skills and become a greater leader, you have definitely come to the right place. If you wish to be successful in your personal and professional life it's absolutely vital that you develop excellent communication skills. At Simi Valley Toastmasters we encourage our members not just to strive to become competent communicators but also to become conscious communicators and make every word count!


Our club helps one another improve within their communication, and leadership skills by improving within their preparation of writing speeches and speaking in front of a group. ALL this happens while making long time friends and possible job leads.

ALL of our meetings help us all work on a variety skills, such as: body language, vocal variety, speech writing, presentation skills, networking tips, creativity, memory, storytelling, humor/improv, and much, much more. All of the skills taught through our program help our members thrive not only in business but in their personal lives as well. We do not just teach our members how to speak... we teach them new ways to think! Which in turn builds a confident and captivating speaker.

For more information, please visit: Simi Valley Toastmasters (http://simivalleytoastmasters.toastmastersclubs.org/)

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Loyal Order of Moose Lodges

Learn proper communication skills in Simi Valley!

Loyal Order of Moose Lodges

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Loyal Order of Moose Lodges

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