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How is your business growing? Do you find it easy to get new customers, and clients? When it comes to a lack of sales in business its usually because you have a lack of qualified leads. Most think of marketing and branding as create a great logo, have an awesome mission statement. While both will lead to great success, you need to make this simple easy formula work: find the fastest path to profitability in your business. Ask yourself what is the fastest way to the cash?

Simple Easy Marketing ™ is the trademark of Tim Gillette Media LLC. This group is about using simple easy formulas in your business to reach customers, and clients you WANT and make it about them, so they will become your greatest sales force.

Many online groups are about the tools, the tricks, and the shortcuts, this group will help you using online tools like Social Media, Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting. But with an approach that is only talked about by few, the few that are getting results.

Each month you can attend our monthly meeting hosted by the awesome people at Improving in Plano. We share real ideas that connect you with the people who spend money on the very solutions, and products you offer.

We are a mastermind type group, featuring you, and your solutions. Looking to group members who have done something online that gets them results. We pick a subject each month and sometimes bring in a guest speaker, sometimes host a group panel, but most of the time we have group members sharing what they did to get results in a certain area.

If you would like to join us, you are invited to click join the group. If you would like to share as a speaker, you can join the group and attend a few events. Once we see you as part of the group, and have something to share we will schedule you to lead a future training.

All topics are designed as Simple Easy, no fluff, no games, just a simple fast way to go from idea to profit.

We hope you will join us, this group is made up of people like you who are getting things done online no matter the tool.

See you at the next event....

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