What we're about

Are you a house flipper? Have you just begun your flipping career? Have you ever thought about flipping houses but just don’t know how to start or where to find your first deal?

Welcome to the most powerful, simple and free house flipping mastermind anywhere!

This group is for those who’ve seen, heard or read about others making huge profits flipping houses and who want to get into the game. For those who truly understand the power of combining knowledge, experience and resources in a community of likeminded people who are open, honest and willing to support you every step of the way.

This group is for those tired of what the eight to six job life offers and want something more… more freedom to choose, more opportunity for themselves and their family.

I’ve created this group for anyone interested in learning how to successfully flip houses by tapping into and utilizing simple but powerful flipping systems and techniques that have been honed over years and more than 600 successful deals.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned flipper, if you:
- Want to learn the art and science of successfully and profitably flipping houses.
- Want to master the secret to finding a never-ending stream of discounted homes that you can buy and sell for a profit.
- Want to learn how to take the complex business of house flipping and make it simple – anybody can do it!

Then this group is exactly what you’ve been searching for!

We’re about learning and sharing. Even the newest novice has a story to tell… and I’m personally dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned with you and show you how incredibly simple house flipping can be.

As a valued member, you’ll learn the core principles that apply to all real estate investing from flipping to wholesaling to acquiring cash generating rental property. It’s all about making the deal and that’s what I’m going to help you do!

Hey, if a guy with ADD, dyslexia and who literally came from the projects and didn’t even graduate high school can discover how to flip more than $140 million in property… then you can do it too! Now you don’t have to muddle through alone. Come and join us and let’s make this the most powerful, popular, fun and profitable meetup ever!

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the awesome simple house flipping mastermind with you.

Your friend,
Mickey G

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