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Photographing deer in Richmond Park
Meetup Location: Richmond Tube Station Date: Sunday 25th November Time: 11:45am Cost: Free We will meet at Richmond tube station. We can then either walk 20 minutes to the Richmond Gate entrance, or take a 10 minute bus to the Petersham Gate entrance, depending on how you feel! Please note that you are responsible for your own safety on this meetup. It is rutting season for the many deer inhabiting the park, so it is essential that you remain at least 50m from the deer at all times and avoid any behaviour which may disturb them or cause them stress. Further safety information and other details about the park can be found here: We will be walking in grass, leaves, and maybe mud so make sure you wear appropriate shoes and clothing. As we can't get too close to the deer, telephoto/zoom lenses would also be good if you have them. The photowalk is free, but you may want to bring money for transport and of course for food and drinks in a local pub afterwards. A live location link will be posted on the day in case you want to meet us in the park or if you want to spend more time in a specific area and want to catch up later. If the weather turns out to be poor, we may change the location of this meetup to an indoor adventure instead. We look forward to seeing you there!

Richmond Park

Richmond · Kingston upon Thames

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    What we're about

    Interested in photography? Looking for a friendly, sociable group?

    Our members range from novices to professional photographers, all with a shared interest in photography and exploring different aspects of London. As everyone has such diverse interests - eg portraits, abstract, architecture - most of our sessions don't have set themes, allowing us see what inspires us each time. All types of cameras are welcome, from smartphones to DSLRs.

    If you'd like to read more about the group and how it works, please do read About This Group (, which hopefully covers every question which people might ask!

    As Meetup charges me to run this group, I do have to pass on the cost to the members, which is a nominal £3 per event, or more for workshops and classes.

    Our sessions are suitable for all levels from beginners to professionals. They include:

    regular general sessions which are suitable for all, and usually involve exploring a specific area or event

    adhoc classes, aimed at novices and less experienced photographers, which cover camera basics, 1:1 tuition and portfolio feedback

    workshops, which cover specific skills or techniques

    performances, such as Lucha Britannia, cabaret and any other shows we might be invited to (subject to interest)

    theatrical or performance-based shoots, eg studio and location work with dancers, circus artists and more

    day trips outside London

    We're also a very friendly group, which is important, as street photography is best enjoyed with other people! Because we're all coming from different parts of London (or beyond), we meet in a cafe or pub beforehand, so that not only do we have time to wait for everyone to arrive, but people can also compare cameras, get feedback on what settings to use, any other advice and generally chat, and we also finish up in a pub or cafe to catch up with each other afterwards, and look at each other's photos etc. The groups are always a mixture of regulars and newcomers, so everyone's welcome!

    Informal tuition is available during the general sessions, either from myself or other members, who are always happy to help each other; if you want more structured tuition, then please attend one of the classes or workshops.

    Lens cleaning is also offered - I'm a bit obsessive about lens cleanliness (thanks to this group), so dusty and dirty lenses will be subjected to a spring clean. You have been warned!

    The locations are sometimes suggested by members, or selected for certain members - hence those profile questions when you join the group!

    We're currently doing:

    weekly weekend afternoon shoots, mostly on Sundays but also on Saturdays (we only do weekend mornings on special occasions, or where an afternoon start isn't feasible)

    weekly midweek sessions on Wednesday evenings

    monthly drinks

    The frequency is subject to change, as and when more events crop up.

    You can also find us online at , which has links to our Facebook and Flickr groups, as well as our Twitter account - share your photos and join in the conversation!

    Now for the rules:

    Street photography involves taking candid shots of people. Therefore, if you attend our events, there is a good chance you will be photographed and your photo posted on here. By attending our events, you give consent for this to happen.

    This group is not to be used for self-promotion, or for recruiting group members for your own purposes. Anyone caught doing so will be warned, and then barred.

    Group members are not to be used for 1:1 tuition or for careers advice. If that is what you are after, please attend one of our classes instead.

    Please avoid taking photos of kids. This is a societal rule, not a group rule.

    Please only post a small selection of your photos from each event; 5-10 is recommended, with no more than 25. Anyone posting too many photos will be asked to remove their photos and only post five of them.

    Please respect other group members and their photography. Therefore, please avoid blocking their shots or getting in their way, etc. We're street photographers, not paparazzi!

    If you attend a meetup, you are required to pay for it. This includes if you RSVP for it, turn up and post photos of it but don't actually join the group.

    Abusive, obnoxious, aggressive and generally rude behaviour will not be tolerated from anyone, whether towards myself or other group members. Punishments - as discussed and agreed with other group members - will range from financial penalties to banning and blacklisting.

    Note: Meetup sends out a lot of notification and reminder emails; if these bother you, then please update your notification settings to reduce the number of emails sent on behalf of this group.

    PS I get an obscene number of emails from Meetup, so I can be slow at responding to messages. Also, if a group is underway, I will not respond until after the event has ended. Please do not expect or assume otherwise.

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