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What we’re about

Where you can find us

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Our official hashtag is  #simplestreetphotography

What we're about

Interested in photography? Looking for a friendly, sociable group? Come exploring with us!

Our members range from smartphone users to professional photographers, all with a shared interest in photography, meeting new people, and exploring different aspects of London and beyond. Our events don’t typically have set themes, as we prefer to explore a diverse range of interests.

Our events are suitable for photography enthusiasts of all levels. We hold regular weekend events usually consisting of one of the below:
- Photowalks
- London based festivals and events
- Day trips outside London
- Fun mini workshops
- Weekend trips to Europe
- Socials!

We're a very friendly and diverse group, which is important, as photography is best enjoyed with other people! We finish up most events in a pub or cafe to catch up afterwards and look at each other's photos, share advice, eat, play games etc. The groups are always a mixture of regulars and newcomers, so everyone's welcome!

Please note that we ask for voluntary donations of a couple of pounds for some events. This is purely to cover the cost of running the group, and we do not make a profit from our members. 

A few rules:

Be aware that you are responsible for your own safety and belongings during our events. Some of our meetups involve being near wild animals, hiking, busy roads etc so please be mindful while engaging in these activities.

We usually leave the meeting place around 15 minutes after the start time stated on the event page. This gives people a little bit of flexibility if they are running late. If you think you will be more than 15 minutes late to an event, just send a message and we may be able to wait, or meet you in another location. We always share our live location on Google Maps on the day so you can find us throughout the event.

It is very useful for us to know numbers in advance so we know who to wait for and so on. Therefore, please RSVP to events to let us know you are coming where possible. If you sign up to an event but realise that you can’t make it, please update your status to ‘not going’ as far in advance as you can.

This group is not to be used for self-promotion, or for recruiting group members for your own purposes.

Please avoid taking photos of children - not specifically a Simple Street Photography rule, but generally good advice.

Please only post a small selection of your photos from each event; 5-10 is recommended as it is difficult to navigate the photos on the meetup app when there are too many. You can share more photos on our Flickr or Facebook groups

Please respect other group members and their photography. For example, avoid blocking their shots or getting in their way, and refrain from any abusive behaviour.

Note: Meetup sends out a lot of notification and reminder emails; if these bother you, then please update your notification settings to reduce the number of emails sent on behalf of this group.