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Who fancies following some dancers around central London and shooting them? Besides being different and creative, it's also a hell of a lot of fun. Here are some examples of Jordan Matter's work in this area, as he's the best-known dance location photographer.

I've arranged for us to work with four dancers, so that people can work in smaller groups with each dancer or pair of dancers.

There'll be the chance to shoot them individually and in pairs; either the dancers can create their own movement, or if you have any suggestions, they'll be very happy to try them out.

Afterwards, I'll set up Dropbox folders so that you can share your photos with the dancers.

We'll be working with dancers from James Cousins Company (, currently the most successful independent contemporary dance company, with numerous international tours and overseas commissions since James won the inaugural New Adventures Choreographer Award in 2011; they dancers all are sought-after freelance dancers and regularly work with a number of other independent dance companies and choreographers around the country. Pointe shoes have been requested for those of you who'd like balletic-style shots.

The dancer we'll be working with are Aaron Vickers, his partner Katie Cambridge, Gareth Mole and Julie Ann Minaai.

The location and meeting place are to be confirmed; for location, I'm open to suggestions, but the two locations we've enjoyed the most have been around Shad Thames and the quirky gardens in the City, so it'll be likely to be one of those two. If it rains, we'll use an indoor location, such as one of the covered markets. And for those of you who remember the days of me running this group, you know that we'll meet in as nice a pub as I can find nearby.

No flash or tripods are to be used - well, you can use tripods on the condition you stay out of everyone's way!

Payment on RSVP is better for me so that I can monitor numbers, and prepare accordingly. I've also asked for your phone number when you sign up, so that I can contact you on the day, whether to notify you of a change of meeting place (highly unlikely) or if we lose you on the day.

We'll finish at a nearby pub, so that we can swap photos and stories and generally socialise.

And if you're still not convinced, here are photos from our last two location workshops: the one with dancers from Ballet Black (, and the very very very good day we had with dancers from Rambert Dance Company (

Okay, now for some more Jordan Matter photos for you to enjoy looking at!

Update 11 November: The weather forecast for Sunday looks good (I've been checking it every day), so I've decided to go with Shad Thames.

We'll meet at the George Inn pub, in the first room on the right as you enter the courtyard. To reach the George Inn, take the first exit on your left as you leave London Bridge station (Borough High Street side), turn left, and the pub is in the second alleyway on the left.

We'll meet from 12pm, aiming to start by around 12.30pm, and then the dancers will join us from 1pm, so if you've got any questions about shooting dancers, please make a note of them!

We sadly lost one of the dancers due to double-booking, but actually it works well as we'll have the absolutely amazing Eleesha Drennan instead, along with James Cousins Company dancers Aaron Vickers, Julie Ann Minaai and Gareth Mole.

Meet the dancers:

(above: Aaron Vickers)

(above: Gareth Mole)

(above: Julie Ann Minaai)

(above: Eleesha Drennan)