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Calling all those who are tired, struggling with their weight, energy, sleep, and mental clarity and who are overwhelmed by all the fad diets and eating plans out there. Let’s be honest, it is pretty confusing landscape trying to understand Keto vs Paleo vs Whole 30 etc. The time, expense, and mental energy needed to navigate this space can be so overwhelming that most fail before they even start. Let me introduce you to a new life style. One not about food deprivation and calorie restriction, but rather one based on balance and helping the body function optimally. I am a personal trainer and am passionate about helping people transform physically with the right tools.

This group will include education, discussion, support, collaboration, life style and fitness education.

Topics discussed will be:

• How environmental factors impact our health

• How stress impedes our bodies ability to function and assist in weight management

• How our meal profile and nutrient timing can aid our bodies in gaining lean muscle and losing fat

• Rebalancing our bodies using superfood nutrition to restore optimal function and shed fat, increase energy and mental clarity

• Barriers to success

• Setting up your week for success

• How to put together snacks and healthy meals

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