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Come out and fish with us! Kayak fishing is a great sport. One of the first things that comes to mind is the low cost of the sport when compared to other forms of angling. From start to finish, you can buy new equipment including the kayak for as little as eight hundred dollars. You can usually find used kayaks much cheaper. Even if you choose to get a fully equipped kayak, the cost will be about fifteen hundred dollars. With party boat trips for a few days costing upwards of six hundred dollars, you can see that the savings from a few trips can get you going in the sport. Besides an inexpensive method of fishing, the health benefits are worth it even if you don't plan to fish. With no motor and noise, water inhabitants are not as afraid of your kayak as a sport fisher with the engines going. You can even go many places that power boats cannot. If you want to see nature close up, a kayak is a good tool.

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