What we're about

Come sing!!! We're bringing people who love to sing together to form a community.

Gatherings, jam sessions and choir rehearsals incorporate singing together, learning music, some vocal technique and training, and community building exercises and games.

We're starting off less frequent and will build to more regular rehearsals/gatherings.

Music selections will be moving, enlightening, enlivening, conscious, healing, inspiring, non-denominational, fun, deep. All musical styles - gospel, pop, rock, musical theatre, chants, folk, medicine songs.

Musicians, singers - express interest by joining this group!

1) You love to sing
2) You love to play and create community
3) You are inspired by using your voice and music as a way of connecting with others

Do I have to be a "singer"?
No - you just have to love to sing!

Do I have to be on pitch?
No, but some more difficult or finely tuned songs with tight harmonies may be sung by sub-sets of our choir who have above average musicianship

Note from Amy : I used to be in a community choir at Sacred Center NY - we sang Gospel Style Music with new thought, inspirational lyrics. My favorite aspects of being part of the choir were - rehearsals, singing music that raised my consciousness and vibration, the healing of singing and making music with others, the close community formed. I did love our performances, but honestly got so much more out of our rehearsals and dinners-out and talks on breaks etc... I talk to so many people who love to sing - so let's come together and form something.

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Please join the facebook group too - it will help us be sure that you're getting communications from other group members...

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