What we're about

(This group is started by the founder with few focus skillsets to assist the areas of mission).

AIM: Uplift the standard and respect of Arts and Humanities, starting from individuals to group collective.

This is because the world has overlooked and undervalued the human aspect of "Industrial Progress" in focusing of outdoing and beating someone in order to get ahead. Though true in many aspects, competition need not be destructive and "co-opetition" do work when people understand the value of teamwork.

The mission areas:

1. Bridge talents in Arts and Humanities to the foundation pioneers

2. Vocal, Instrumental and media development

3. Professional feedback, observation, ground works and study

4. Discipline and Reality checks

5. Selective areas of assistance and collaboration

*** Why the mission areas?

Distraction, Confusion and Diffusion causes many to waste effort and resources. Especially when the society structure and mass media has made the "fortunate few" with the right connections and resources to find the more concrete pathways in order to realise their goals. Otherwise, the aspiring artistes tend to start off within the familiar comfort zones and the "Lucky few" may eventually get on the right band wagon.

As a summary, the founder aims to be part of the bigger circle of well intentioned people who are awakened to find purpose in helping others for worthy causes during their lifetimes.

*** Why samvd patron

samvd is the acronym of the group title

patron to mean clientele, regular customer; someone who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, or cause. This is not to be confused with solely financial or business interests. The founder is particular in areas of ethics and philanthropy.

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