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Seeking content developers, writers, musicians, artists and anyone with "that thing" within who can visualize what I am getting at. Knowing Digital Audio Workstation is a good asset to help with development curve.

Brief gist:
1- Cover, Original, Local and International songs - instrumental & vocal, live and recording. I have original content in song, treatment, vocal and instrumentation.
2- broad genre, demography of youth to senior
3- upcoming projects for Children songs, National cultural and multi lingual collaboration
4- social enterprise and charity model option for the songs which will be compiled within legal framework of copyright and royalty

for videos:
1- After the earlier song based, to develop simple cartoon animation highlighting Life concepts. E.G. such as responsible behaviour, wise spending and social habits.
2- coupled with Live footage around the country and in the future overseas; on practicing the principles in every day living. About me:
I am a polymath. And I document, plan, execute in small steps and not just think about it. Relating to this meetup, I am a neoclassical fusion guitarist who have long rested the saxophone playing; to focus and awaken latent skills in guitar playing. Although classical based, i have listed the mainstream pieces and arrangements of instrumentation and songs in the basic sets required. I can play mainstream as the situations require.

I have documented projects for timeline which is underway. Discussion is FOCUS based and not to check out the folks and try out.

I will not waste your time, but need to accelerate with dedicated talents or those willing to grit it out.

I have no issue of sharing what I know as my philosophy is, akin to Linda Diane Creed. She passed on 2 weeks before Whitney Houston made popular The Greatest Love of All. No one owns any gift from the Creator, however it has to be passed on with ethical legacy.

Need to build on serious and no nonsense leverage with people who align. To the point, this concise and brief write up is pre-qualifying enough to make clear on the team synergy needed. The right people can see and connect. If sugar and spice is needed to convince, those are the audience, not the developers from the roots.

If the response is so minute, then I know it is the right direction amidst many red herrings.

Challenge expected: Life issues from social to finance that hinders or perceived hindrance the daunting efforts required.

and... I prefer good character and integrity ANYTIME over nice pleasantries.
respect and maturity coupled with self governance in time and finance is Key to build Discipline, because it is ever ongoing... Please be clarified that I am quite a kind and gentle person to good people and vice versa to those otherwise. Yes, that portrait that few may have seen is my son..

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