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What we’re about

SINGAPORE BUSINESS MEETUP (SBM.ASIA) is one of Singapore's largest entrepreneurial themed business networking group founded since 2002, and have held over 300 casual and speed networking events for 5000+ entrepreneurs. 

SBM aims to provide an informal platform for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs to connect, network and synergise!

In an effort to revitalize the local networking scene, we launched a new hybrid event - Go Pitch It - that combines both casual networking with a startup pitching segment.

Every month, apart from casual networking, we will have up to 5 members (startups) going on stage to pitch their latest business ideas, products or services within a time frame of 5 mins, followed by 5 mins of Q&A by the audience.

Thus, whether you are planning to start a business, or have already done so for past decades, we invite you to sign up and attend our upcoming monthly meetup sessions. If you interested to pitch, just check out our monthly event details for the links.

If you have any queries or suggestions, do feel free to message the co-founder, Jason Su at 9001-9150 or





Venue Sponsors:
We are constantly looking for new and exciting venues to use. If you have a venue and you would like us to consider using it, please contact Jason Su at

Group Sponsors: 
If you would like to reach out to our community of 5000+ entrepreneurs, do email details to for discussions.