What we're about

This group is incorporated to educate you on the potential of turning your passion, technical expertise and skill set into an online course for public consumption. Plus others proven income generation digital asset classes.

Main objectives of this group are:

1. Learn how to built your first online course from scratch
2. How to use video to brand yourself and technical aspects
3. Power of video marketing to reach a wide audience
4. Ways to monetize your video content. 5. Look into new ways of proven side income generation for people who don't mind extra cash every month.

Moving forward in 2019, online education will be integrated to apply more advanced technologies such as video content, game programs, elements of VR and AR. The focus remains on people who do not want to waste time learning everything about everything.

Online training is to give clear answers to questions you have in your daily life. Plus to grow yourself with the right skill set to build your business and personal brand. By regularly devote time to self-education, this present an enormous amount of opportunities for course content producers.

About the organizer:
Adwin Ang teaches on platform like Youtube.com and Skillshare.com. Online marketer since 2006 and started multiple online businesses. As well as, topic expert in Quora.com

If you want to build a lifestyle online and learn how to get started in doing an online business that bring you consistent income without stress. Join me in our weekly discussion group.

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