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Now the tweet-pitch for this meetup could be a simple as: “your ideas today shape who you are tomorrow as well as the world around you”.

The longer version would tell you: “Guys, wake up! It is time to realise that we only live once – there is no replay after this when it all ends therefore you won’t get another chance to be that other guy that could have trusted his instinct and lived a completely different life, a vibrant life experimenting one idea after the other, or at least giving it a shot. It is your life, you are the main character and have every opportunity to take control, all you need to do is take the first step.”

I have a vision for the IDEAS LAB to be that first step for many of you, of us...a place where ideas can be thrown, challenged, assessed, and why not built. A place where like minded individuals meet to share ideas because as you know as ideas and people mingle, innovation arises.

Apologies for the pseudo-socio-philosophical introduction but at the end of the day it sums it up quite well. Now I have listed below in no particular order of priority other valid reasons which you may want to take into account to join this meetup and start pursuing your ideas.

Now here is the list:

# Bringing your ideas to life simply gives sense to your life. Giving birth to something tangible, one achievement after the other – it simply gives you a purpose.

# It gives you a sense of accomplishment: there is no better accomplishment than completing an artistic project, launching a business or startup, writing a book, fighting for a cause, pursuing a greater idea…

# Because what can go wrong really? Even when confronted with failure, you always grow out of trying to bring your ideas to life, one failure after the other until you meet success…

# Evolution is based on our ability to create, invent, bring ideas to life – we are a creative specie – however our societies have evolved to compartment this and leave this part to artists, entrepreneurs, etc. Take control back – assume your creative/entrepreneurial side, don’t leave this to others seating on the back-office side of the world…

# Because you are burning with desire to open those idea closets – you secretly picture yourself singing on a scene, acting, painting, writing, being the next Zucherberg, directing that movie, saving the world or making it a better place, etc.

# Because you want to move away from the routine and from being passive – be alive, be active, do, create!

#Because you have imagination, you are curious, you are willing to do stuff, and you don’t see problems but solutions…

# Because you are going to learn along the way and also appreciate others’ creativity whatever its form with a brand new perspective – it is a bit like parenting – until you actually experience what it really means to have a child, you never really can understand or relate to your friend’s parenting issues / joys.

# Because you are likely to meet incredible people stimulating that side of your personality, you are likely to be exposed to new events, new ideas, new friends – discover a new “you”

# Because it has never been easier – with access to tons of knowledge, savoir-faire, guidance, technology, tools – bringing your ideas to life has never been easier, taking them out of the closet, doing your coming-out whilst minimising the risk.

The other less important reasons but still worth mentioning:

# Because you will have a lot to talk about at diners or social occasions around your numerous creative ideas and projects

# Because everyone will want to be your friend

# Because you can introduce yourself saying you are an artist, entrepreneur, creative visionary, social entrepreneur, etc. as opposed to an accountant, project manager, engineer or any other boring title you usually hide when introducing yourself!

# Because you will be invited to events, be part of the community, being asked to share and contribute

# Because you might become famous # You might also become rich # Because it might be the start of a brand new life! Now the most important reasons from my perspective:

# Expressing the full potential of who you potentially are – shaping yourself through your ideas and achievements. There is a saying along those words which I like very much: “show me your friends, I will tell you who you are”, well I would like to use a parallel and leave you with this obvious variant: “tell me the ideas you are involved in, the ideas you are pursuing and I will tell you who you are”

# Because when your children ask you for advice the first time they share their big idea, their big dream about who they want to be, what idea/dreams they want to pursue whatever it might be (at 8 your son approaches you, “dad/mum, I want to be a ballet dancer!!!”), which answer would you rather give him: a/ “listen son, this is a very nice idea, very interesting but a little risky. Do you know how many dancers manage to make a living out of it? Do you know how hard it is. You have so many other things to learn. I also had ideas myself, many ideas like this one but life is complex and you have to let them go and focus on what’s important. Come son and let’s work on you math homework….” Or b/ “son, this is fantastic. If you feel strongly about this, give it a try, give it everything you have, just like I did every time I had ideas worth pursuing…Yes you might fail, yes it might be difficult, yes it might not be worth at the end but the most important thing is believe in yourself, believe in your ideas and explore them – else you will never know and left wondering: what if I had…”

Do you really want to tell yourself in the near or long future “what if?” Well, I’d personally rather live with failure than live with regrets…

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